Supreme Court

Law Courts building

More than 30 years ago the State Government undertook the construction of a new home for the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The site chosen was in the heart of the traditional legal precinct of Sydney: Queen's Square.

The site — at the corner of King and Macquarie Streets — was formerly occupied by the Crown Law Offices and Queen's Club building which then housed the NSW Department of the Attorney-General and of Justice.

The Government decided that the Supreme Court should be accommodated in a modern court house, under one roof instead of being spread, as it was, through a series of separate buildings, ill-fitted to the work and the dignity of the Court.

The concept involved the closure of the eastern tip of King Street between Phillip and Macquarie Streets to form a paved pedestrian concourse linking the Supreme Court site with the island block on which stands St James' Church and the old Supreme Court.

The closure of King Street created a link that was more than symbolic. Together with the construction of a pedestrian tunnel under St James' Road it has meant a smoother flow for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic through what was once a highly congested area.

The first major refurbishment of Law Courts Building since its opening in 1977 is nearing completion. Further information about the Law Courts Building, and the ongoing refurbishment project, can be found on the Law Courts Limited website.