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​​​Judicial officer contact details

Chie​f ​​J​ustice of ​​NSW​​​​




The Hon TF Bathurst AC​​

Victoria Bradshaw

Chambers of the Chief Justice

(02) 9230 8218

P​​resident of the Court of Appeal




The Hon Justice Andrew Bell

Edwina Chapman

Chambers of Justice Bell

(02) 9230 8519

Judges of Appeal




The Hon Justice John Basten

Maree Harland

Associate to Justice Basten

(02) 9230 8611

The Hon Justice Robert Bruce Scott Macfarlan

Kristina Wakefield

Associate to Justice Macfarlan

(02) 9230 8763

The Hon Justice Anthony John Meagher

Penina Su

Associate to Justice Meagher​

(02) 9230 8752

The Hon Justice Clifton Ralph Russell Hoeben AM RFD

Morna Lynch

Associate to Justice Hoeben

(02) 9230 8793

The Hon Justice Julie Kathryn WardGiorgina Kotevski Associate to Justice Ward(02) 9230 8205
The Hon Justice Fabian Gleeson

Jane Gray

Asso​ciate to Justice Gleeson(02) 9230 8223
The Hon Justice Mark James Leeming Winnie Liu
Associate to Justice Leeming​​​
(02) 9230 8790
​The Hon Justice Anthony Payne​Sharon Mo
Associate to Justice Payne
​(02) 9230 8056
The Hon Justice Richard Weeks WhiteMaria BashaAssociate to Justice White
(02) 9230 8209
The Hon Justice Paul Le Gay Brereton AM RFD
Julianne Reid
Chambers of Justice Brereton
(02) 9230 8765
The Hon Justice Lucy McCallum
​Nicole Sinclair
Chambers of Justice McCallum
​(02) 9230 8095

Chief Judge at Common Law




The Hon Justice Clifton Ralph Russell Hoeben AM RFD

Morna Lynch

Associate to Justice Hoeben

​(02) 9230 8793

Chief Judge in Equity




The Hon Justice Julie Kathryn WardGiorgina Kotevski Associate to Justice Ward(02) 9230 8205

Acting Judges of Appeal (in alphabetical order)




​The Hon Acting Justice Barrett AO
​Penina Su
Associate to Acting Justice Barrett
​(02) 9230 8515
​The Hon Acting Justice Emmett​​ AO
Trish Beazley
Associate to Acting Justice Emmett​(02) 9230 8409
​The Hon Acting Justice Simpson AO
Lynn Nielsen
Associate to Acting Justice Simpson
​(02) 9230 8721
​The Hon Justice Michael Walton​Alana RafterChambers of Justice Walton​​(02) 9230 8775

The Hon Justice Peter Anthony Johnson

Ciana Goodwin

Associate to Justice Johnson

(02) 9230 8757

The Hon Justice Stephen Rothman AM

Katherine Moroney

Chambers of Justice Rothman​

(02) 9230 8741

​Jana Centeno
Chambers of Justice Rothman
​(02) 9230 8741
The Hon Justice Derek Price AM Lisa Freeman Associate to Justice Price(02) 9377 5821

The Hon Justice David Hammerschlag

Colleen Sutton

Associate to Justice Hammerschlag

(02) 9230 8210

The Hon Justice Ian Gordon Harrison

Bernadette Heywood

Associate to Justice Harrison

(02) 9230 8091

The Hon Justice Elizabeth Lillian Fullerton

Kate Moore

Associate to Justice Fullerton

(02) 9230 8750

The Hon Justice Nigel Geoffrey Rein

Gareth Gillespie

Asso​ciate to Justice Rein​​

(02) 9230 8748

The Hon Justice Robert Allan Hulme

Carol Lloyd

Associate to Justice RA Hulme

(02) 9230 8305​

The Hon Justice Michael John Slattery AM RAN

Katerina Katsanos

Associate to Justice Slattery

(02) 9230 8798

The Hon Justice David Lloyd Davies

Anita Singh

Associate to Justice Davies

(02) 9230 8773

The Hon Justice Michael Andrew Pembroke

Sue Page  

Associate to Justice Pembroke

(02) 9230 8786

The Hon Justice Michael Lee Ball

Maria Kourtis

Associate to Justice Ball

(02) 9230 8633

The Hon Justice Peter Richard Garling RFD

Eva Adams

Chambers of Justice Garling

(02) 9230 8322

The Hon Justice John Robertson Sackar

Catherine Young

Associate to Justice Sackar

(02) 9230 8792

The Hon Justice Ashley Black

Margaret R Smith

Associate to Justice Black

(02) 9230 8784

The Hon Justice Christine Adamson

Anne Cochrane

Associate to Justice Adamson

(02) 9230 8201

The Hon Justice Geoffrey John Bellew

Barbara Ruicens


Associate to Justice Bellew

(02) 9230 8778

​Megan Grace

Associate to Justice Bellew​​(02) 9230 8778

The Hon Justice James William John Stevenson

Lauren Channells

Associate to Justice Stevenson

(02) 9230 8059

The Hon Justice Robert Thomas Beech-Jones

Margaret Gaertner

Associate to Justice Beech-Jones​​​

(02) 9230 8740

The Hon Justice Stephen Gerard Campbell

Poppy Xenakis

Associate to Justice Campbell

(02) 9230 8753

The Hon Justice Richard Button

Ellen Stiles

Chambers of Justice Button​

(02) 9230 8760

The Hon Justice Geoff Lindsay Shari Williams Associate to Justice Lindsay(02) 9230 8701

The Hon Justice Philip Hallen

Hilary Monteith

Associate to  Justice Hallen

(02) 9230 8615

The Hon Justice Francois Kunc Mary Boneham Associate to Justice Kunc(02) 9230 8272
The Hon Justice Stephen Robb Amanda Holland Associate to Justice Robb(02) 9230 8614
The Hon Justice Rowan Darke Hannah TiffenChambers of Justice Darke​(02) 9230 8124
The Hon Justice Robertson Wright JoAnna McDermott Associate to Justice Wright(02) 9230 8782  
The Hon Justice Peter Hamill Sian O'Shaughnessy
Associate to Justice Hamill​​​(02) 9230 8768
The Hon Justice Helen Wilson Jessica Ortner
Associate to Justice Wilson​​​​(02) 9230 8731
​The Hon Justice Des FaganTherese Armstrong
Associate to Justice Fagan​​​(02) 9230 8053
​The Hon Justice Natalie Adams​Gordana Hosmann​Chambers of Justice Natalie Adams​​(02) 9230 8755
​The Hon Justice Julia LonerganDianne Aleksic
​​Chambers of Justice Lonergan​​(02) 9230 8769
​The Hon Justice Guy Parker​Kim Pitt​Associate to Justice Parker​​(02) 9230 8094
​The Hon Justice Kelly Rees
​Karen Adams
Chambers of Justice Rees
​(02) 9230 8624
​The Hon Justice Lea Armstrong
​Erica Wolfgramm
Associate to Justice Armstrong
​(02) 9641 6428
​The Hon Justice Trish Henry 
​Mia Sheldon
Chambers of Justice Henry
​(02) 9230 8987
​The Hon Justice Mark Ierace
Katherine Dale
Chambers of Justice Ierace
​(02) 9230 8736
​The Honourable Justice Richard Cavanagh
​Jennifer Masina
Associate to Justice Cavanagh
​(02) 9230 8744

Acting Judges (alphabetical order)




​The Hon Acting Justice Hidden
Susan Smith
Associate to Acting Justice Hidden
(02) 9230 8861

Associate Judges




The Hon Associate Justice Joanne Ruth Harrison

Sue Amundsen

Associate to Associate Justice Harrison

(02) 9230 8771