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Court sittings


​Court vacation begins on Monday, 23/12/19 and concludes on Friday, 31/01/2020.

​2020 Court term will commence on Monday 03/02/2020.

​Civil and Criminal trials will be held in places other than Sydney as and when the need arises.

​Court/List ​Particulars​ ​Sittings

​Court of Appeal

​Motions generally

​Monday 9:00 AM

​Summ​​​ons for leave to appeal (directions)

​Monday 2:30 PM

​Notice of Appeal (directions) callovers

​Wednesday 9:00 AM

​Summons (directions)

​Monday 9:45 AM

​Court of Criminal Appeal


​Sits every week.

Generally hears matters Monday, Wednesday and Friday but may alternate the week after then hear matters Tuesday and Thursday.

Check current Court of Criminal Appeal hearing and callover dates.

​Common Law Division

​Urgent applications before the Duty Judge

​Every day by arrangement with the Duty Judge's Associate

​Applications by summons or motion, Associate Judge (called over by a Registrar)

​Monday to Friday 9:00 AM

​Applications by summons or motion, Registrar

​Monday to Friday 9:00 AM

​Subpoenas, all Lists

​Monday to Friday 9.00 AM

​Administrative and Industrial Law List​

​Directions, Registrar

​​Monday to Friday 9:00 AM

​​Urgent applications before the Administrative and Industrial Law List Judge Justice Adamson or, if not available, to the Common Law Duty Judge

Every day by arrangement with the Judge's Associate​

​Bails List

​Bails Judge

​Monday to Thursday 10:00 AM

​Criminal List

​Arraignments Judge:
Justice Fullerton

​1st Friday of the month at 10:00 AM (*exception)
























​Defamation List

​Motions and Arguments: Justice Sackar

​The following Friday dates at 11.00 AM (unless where indicated otherwise):






​General Case Management List

​Directions hearings, Registrar

​Monday to Friday 9:00 AM

​Possession List

​Notices of motion, directions hearings & show cause conferences, Registrar

​Monday to Friday 9:00 AM

​Directions, Judge:
Justice Davies

​By arrangement with the Registrar

​Professional Negligence List

​Conference hearings, Registrar

​Wednesday 9:00 AM

​Motions, Judge:
Justice Harrison

(called over by the Registrar)

​1st Friday of the month at 9:30AM


Court/List ​​Particulars ​​Sittings

​Equity Division
​General List

​Urgent applications before the Duty Judge

​Every day by arrangement with the Duty Judge's Associate

​Referrals to the Duty Judge (called over by the Registrar)

​Monday to Thursday* 10:00 AM

*Urgent matters may be listed on Friday after consultation with the registrar

​Other directions and motions, Registrar

​Monday to Thursday* 9:30am

*Urgent matters may be listed on Friday after consultation with the registrar

​Subpoenas, all Lists

​Monday to Friday 9:00 AM

​Admiralty List

​Applications for directions
Justice Rein

​Thursday 9:30 AM

​Applications for motions
Justice Rein

​Thursday 9:30 AM

​Adoptions List

​Applications before the Court
Justice Sackar

​By arrangements with the Adoptions List Judge's Associate

​Commercial List

​Urgent applications before the Commercial List Duty Judge

​Every day by arrangement with the Duty Judge's Associate

​Applications for directions
Justice Hammerschlag

​Friday 9:45 AM

​Applications for motions
Justice Hammerschlag

​Friday 9:15 AM

​Commercial Arbitration List

​Callover by the List Judge of all applications
Justice Hammerschlag

​2nd Tuesday of the month at 9:30 AM, or such earlier time as the nature of the case requires

​Corporations List

​Urgent applications before the Corporations List Judge
Justice Black

​Every day by arrangement with the List Judge's Associate

​Corporations matters, Judge​
​Justice Black

​Monday 10:00 AM

​Corporations List interlocutory matters, Judge
Justice Black

​Monday 9:15 AM

​Proceedings relating to corporations, Registrar

Monday to Thursday* 9:00 AM

*Urgent matters may be listed on Friday after consultation with the registrar​

​Available dates for examinations in the Corporations List

​Examinations will commence at 11.00 AM and conclude at 4.00 PM. The total time for each listing is four hours per day.

Available dates at 18.11.19:

  • Jan.2020: 28,29

  • Feb.2020: 3,7,12,13,18-21,24-28

  • Mar.2020: 3-6,9-13,16-20, 23-27,30,31

  • Apr.2020: 1-3,6-9,14-17,20-24,27-30

​Expedition List (Equity)
Motion before the Expedition Judge:
Justice Sackar

​Friday 9:30 AM

​Family Provision List

​Before the Family Provision List Judge
Justice Hallen

Friday*- Motions 9.30 AM 

Friday*- Directions at 10.00 AM

*every Friday except:

  • 20 Dec 2019 (note: List will be held on Thur 19 Dec
  • 8 May 2020
  • 24 Jul 2020
  • 31 Jul 2020
  • 2 Oct 2020

Probate List

​Applications and directions (called over by the Registrar)

​Monday 9:00 AM

​Referrals to the Judge
Justice Lindsay

Dates for 2018: Sittings are every Monday except for the following dates:

  • Jan 22​

  • Mar 12

  • Apr 23

  • Jul 30 

  • Oct 22

  • Dec 17

​Protective List

​Applications before the Judge
Justice Lindsay

​Monday 10:00 AM

​Applications before the Registrar (all Protected Estates Act applications)


11:00 AM 11:10 AM & 11:20 AM​

​Real Property List

​​Before the Real Property List Judge
Justice Darke

​*Friday 9.15 AM - Applications commencement 9.15 AM and Directions are generally listed at 10.15 AM - every Friday except  

  • 19/04/19

  • 03/05/19

  • 19/07/19

  • 23/08/19

  • 18/10/19

  • 22/11/19

Practitioners and litigants should check the Court List after 3:30 PM each Thursday before the List as listing times are subject to change.

*Fridays not before 10.15 AM - Motions (for which leave is granted)​​

​Revenue List

​Applications before the Chief Judge in Equity,​​
Justice Ward

Contact Associate for a date

​Technology & Construction List

​Applications for directions:
Justice Hammerschlag

​Friday 12:00 PM

​Applications for motions:
Justice Hammerschlag

​Friday 9:15 AM

Gaol delivery dates


​​Each year as soon as practicable after:

15 February

15 May

15 August

15 November