Examinations under sections 596A and 596B of the Corporations Act 2001


Available dates

Examinations are held Monday to Friday at 11 am. Dates for examination hearings can generally be arranged within two months.

Contact Information

For information about available dates, including dates for urgent matters, and dates for lengthy examinations contact the Corporations List Registrar.

Examination procedure

The Corporations Act 2001(Pt 5.9), the Supreme Court (Corporations) Rules 1999 (Div 11), and the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 govern the procedure for these examinations.

A specific form has been approved for orders for production ( UCPR Form 29).

The summons and orders for production are issued in chambers. Practitioners wishing to reserve dates and arrange examinations should contact the Court (see above for contact information).

Filing fees

The fees page shows the fees that would apply to such matters.