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Online probate notices

There are three notices relevant to deceased estates in NSW that should be published online via the NSW Online Registry.

These notices are:

*Available for online publication from 21 January 2013.
**Available for online publication from 20 January 2014.

Traditionally, these notices were published in a newspaper.

Now, instead of submitting your notices to the newspaper for publication, you will instead enter some basic details about the estate into purpose-built forms that you can access as soon as you set up an Online Registry account.

The information you provide in the online forms is then used to create notices in accordance with the wording prescribed in approved UCPR forms.

The notices are then published on the Online Registry website where anyone can search for the notice for free, without registering or logging in.

Frequently Asked Questions about online publication​

Where can I find the online form and search facility?

You can find both the form and the search facility at the URL linked below, which may want to save as a Favourite.

You will need to log in before you can publish a probate notice, but you can search for previously published notices immediately, without logging in.

Do I need to set up a user account, or log in, before I can advertise a probate notice online?

Yes, you will need to register and set up an Online Registry account before you can complete the online form. You only need to register once, and any relevant information you enter during registration will automatically be carried through to any probate notice you publish.

​What information do I need to register, and how long will it take?

Lawyers and self-represented litigants will need to have some personal identification on hand to complete registration. If you provide legal support services to a lawyer (e.g. a legal secretary, paralegal), you are not required to supply any personal identification. There is detailed information on the Online Registry website regarding the registration process.

In most cases registration can be completed entirely online 15-20 minutes.

​I do not have a credit card, or easy access to the internet. How can I publish a notice?

You can only publish a notice online independently if you can securely pay the prescribed fee by credit card. If you are unable to publish the advertisement yourself, a probate registry staff member can publish it on your behalf. However, you will need to complete an application form to ensure registry staff have all the details they need to publish the relevant notice. The forms contain all the information you need about the advertising process generally, and payment options.

I was unable to register - how can I publish a notice?

If you do not have the required personal identification sources to set up your Online Registry account, the probate registry staff can publish the notice for you.  However, you will need to complete an application form to ensure registry staff have all the details they need to publish the relevant notice. The forms contain all the information you need about the advertising process generally, and payment options.

Do I have to pay, or log in, to search for a probate notice?

No, searching for a notice is free and you can perform your search without logging in.

I don't understand the used terminology in the form or what information I need to enter. What can I do?

Try clicking on the 'Info' icons located at the right of your screen, and denoted by an "i" in a circle. If you need further assistance, you can email the Probate registry at​.

How do I check the Notice before I publish it?

Once you have completed all the sections within the online form, it is recommended that you preview a Notice before hitting "Submit". This is because you will not be able to edit the Notice after you pay for, and publish, it.

However, even if you hit "Submit", you will have another opportunity to Preview the form before paying. This additional preview option is available in the "Forms Awaiting Payment" section of the Online Registry and is illustrated below.

If you notice an error in the previewed Notice, you can close the preview and Edit the form by clicking the pencil icon, also illustrated below.

Preview action buttons  

What if I notice a mistake in my notice after publishing it?

Generally speaking, in the same way that if you failed to notice an error when reviewing a proof of your newspaper advertisement in the past, you will need to re-advertise if the mistake is significant. However, if you believe that the error was not your fault, the Court can consider waiving the $41 fee. You will need to complete the Application to Postpone, Remit or Waive a Court fee.

Can I search for a notice by entering the deceased's person's alias?

The search results will provide you with results including an alias if it where it has been entered in the search criteria > deceased name. When you hover over the deceased name, the alias will appear.

Can I publish multiple notices?

Yes. When you complete all sections within the online form, you will be given the opportunity to preview your Notice (to check that the data you have entered is correct). You can then either edit the form if you are unhappy with the contents of the Notice, or hit Next and be taken to the "Forms Awaiting Payment" screen. If you select the "File more forms" button at the bottom of this screen, you can complete additional online forms. Once you have completed as many forms as you need, you can return to the "Forms Awaiting Payment" screen, select the relevant completed forms, and hit Next. This will take you to a payment screen where you can pay for as many forms as you have selected in a single transaction.

Can I also apply for Probate or lodge a caveat online?

No, at present, you can only publish your probate notices online; you must continue to file a physical summons or caveat with the Supreme Court Registry, either by post or in person.

Will all internet browsers allow me to use and/or view the form properly?

The Online Registry  System requirements page outlines the details which browsers will work best with online forms.

Generally speaking, the Online Registry operates best when accessed via Google Chrome. It will also perform better with most recent version of other popular browsers.

You can update your browser to the latest version at the following websites:
- Internet Explorer: > downloads
- Google Chrome: uk/chrome/browser/
- Mozilla Firefox:


Is it secure when I publish and pay for a Probate Notice online?

The online probate notice facility is a secure way to lodge and pay for a Probate Notice. Form access uses the HTTPS protocol to securely encrypt all traffic between your web browser and the Courts case management system. To ensure the connection is secure, the Court uses an SSL certificate verified by a well known certificate authority. This certificate is presented to your browser as part of the HTTPS connection.

The credit card processing facility is a secure payment gateway provided by Westpac.