Supreme Court

Delegations to the Registrar, Court of Appeal under the Civil Procedure Act 2005

Pursuant to s 13 of the Civil Procedure Act 2005, I direct that the Registrar of the Court of Appeal (including a person acting as the registrar) may exercise the functions of the Court as stated in the schedule to this direction.

Dated: 2 January 2008

J J Spigelman AC

Chief Justice of New South Wales


The functions of the Court as provided for in Column 1 but subject to the restriction (if any) mentioned in Column 3.

The matter in Column 2 is inserted for convenience of reference only and does not affect the operation of the direction.

Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005

Column 1  
​Column 2
​Column 3
Rule 13.4                 
Frivolous and vexatious proceedings   
Incompetent proceedings and failure to prosecute
Rule 51.4(3)        
Addition or removal of party     
Rule 51.5(1)                  
Leave to take step without entering appearance    
Rule 51.6                 
Extension of time      
Rule 51.9(1)(b)    
Extension of time                            
Rule 51.10(2)         
Extension of time
Rule 51.11(2)
Extension of time        
Rule 51.16(1)      
Extension of time      
Rule 51.16(2)      
Extension of time  
Rule 51.17(2)        
Extension of time 
Rule 51.17(3)      
Extension of time  
Rule 51.20(2)      
Specify return day for notice of appeal          
Rule 51.21           
Alteration of return day
Rule 51.25(1)     
Directions for preparation of appeal book   
Rule 51.31(2)      
Leave to amend appeal book    
Rule 51.33(1)      
Timetable for orange book 
Rule 51.34(3)      
Amendment of submissions     
Rule 51.39                  
Use of White Folder 
Rule 51.41(1)           
Objection to competency
Rule 51.41(2)     
 Costs on incompetency
Rule 51.50(1)           
Security for costs  
Rule 51.51(2)       
 Return day for motion 
Rule 51.51(5)      
Directions for filing evidence 
Rule 51.51(6)      
Directions for filing affidavits  
Rule 51.57(1)      
Directions for hearing in fixed vacation     

Rule 51.61           

Evidence in support of motion