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Delegation under the Civil Procedure Regulation 2017

Civil Procedure Regulation 2017

Pursuant to clause 15 of the Civil Procedure Regulation 2017 (“the Regulation”), I direct that:

  1. Any registrar of the Supreme Court (including a person acting as the registrar or as a deputy to the registrar) may exercise all of the functions conferred in respect of the Regulation, except in relation to the waiver or remission of fees.  

  2. The Prothonotary (including a person acting as the Prothonotary) may waive or remit a fee.  

  3. A chief clerk of the Supreme Court (including a person acting as a chief clerk) may postpone a fee imposed under the regulation provided that the fee is not postponed for a period of greater than seven days.

  4. Under the savings provisions in clause 17 of the Regulation, the previous delegation issued under the repealed Civil Procedure Regulation 2012 continues to have effect.

Dated: 29 June 2018

Chris D’Aeth

Principal Registrar