​​Speeches by current judicial officers

​​Judicial Officer (alphabetical)
Justice Natalie Adams​​​​​
Justice ​A​​damson​
​Justice Armstrong
Justice Ball​
Acting Justice Basten
Jus​tice Beech-Jones​
Just​ice Bellew​
Justice Black​
Justice Brereton​
Justice ​Button​
Justice​ Campbell​
​Justice Cavanagh
​Justice Chen
Justic​e Darke​
Justice​ Davies​
Justice Dhanji
Justice F​ullerton
​Justice Fagan
Justice Ga​rling​
Justic​e Gleeson​
Acting Justice Griffiths
Justice​ Hallen
Justice Hammerschlag​
Justice Hamill​
Justic​e Harrison​
Justice Henry
Acting Justice RA Hulme
Justice Ierace
Justice Kirk
Jus​tice Kunc​
Justice ​Leeming​
Justice L​indsay​
Justice Lonergan​​​
Justice M​acfarlan​
​​Justice​ McNaughton
Justice ​Meagher​
​Justice Meek
​Justice Mitchelmore
​Justice Parker
​Justice Payne​​
​Justice Peden
Justic​e Price​
Justice Rees
​Justice Richmond
Justice​ Robb​
Justice ​Rothman​ 
​Justice Sackar​
Justic​e Slattery​
Justi​ce Stevenson
​​Justice Walton​
Justice​ Ward​
Justice​ White​
Justice Williams
Justice​ Wilson
Justice ​Wright​​​
​Justice Yehia


The Hon​our​able Justice Natalie Adams​​​​​

05 Apr 2016Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Natalie Adams

The Honourable​​ Justice C Adamson​​

17 Oct 2011Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Christine Adamson


The Honourable​​ Justice L Armstrong

31 Oct 2018Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Lea Armstrong​

The Honourable Justice ML Ball​

02 Oct 2014Commercial Arbitration (Seoul, Sth Korea)
​13 Apr 2010Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Michael Ball

The Honourable​​ Acting Justice Basten

Link >> speeches by the Hon. Justice Basten from 02 May 2005 to 21 Nov 2021
30 Nov 2022Occasional Address – UNSW Faculty of Law & Justice – Graduation Ceremony – 30 November 2022

The Honourabl​e Justice R​T Beech-Jones, Chief Judge at Common Law​

31 Jan 2012Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Geoffrey Bellew

The Honourable Justice A Black​

​08 Jul 2022
Practice in the Corporations List and recent case law - Commercial Law Association Seminar
​25 Feb 2022
Court to Court Communication Protocols - Comments at 7th Judicial Seminar on Commercial Litigation
​13 Mar 2021
Update on Corporation Law - NSW Bar Association Conference
​12 Nov 2020
Some recent case law and statutory developments in insolvency - ARITA conference
​29 Oct 2020
Some issues in enforcement of directors' duties - Monash University presentation
Misconduct in Banking and Financial Services: Some aspects of the Hayne Royal Commission
​29 Mar 2019
Conflict of interest regulation after the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry
​14-16 Feb 2019
​Sixth Judicial Seminar on Commercial Litigation - Case Management: Innovations and Obstacles
​25 Aug 2018
Design and distribution obligations and product intervention powers - Corporate Law Workshop 2018
​06 Jun 2018

Recent developments in corporate law- CLA June Judges series

​11 Apr 2018
Recent developments in Corporations and Insolvency Law - New South Wales Bar Association CPD Program
​15 Nov 2017
Modern indicia of fiduciary relationships in a commercial setting and the interaction of equity and contract
0​8 Sep 2017
Three developments in insolvency law - Law Council of Australia Insolvency Committee Annual Dinner
0​9 Aug 2017
Recent developments in insolvency laws - Australian Restructuring Insolveny & Turnaround Association National Conference
​​25 Mar 2017Some parallel duties and remedies in equity and corporation law - NSW Bar Association Sydney CPD Conference
​​26 Oct 2016Development of Corporations Law - Francis Forbes Society for Australian Legal History, Introduction to Australian Legal History Tutorials
​​Oct 2016Several issues in insolvency law reform - the Australian perspective - Judicial Insolvency Network Conference Singapore
​26 Sep 2016Hedge Fund Activism Seminar and Book Launch of Research Handbook on Shareholder Power​​
​​29 Aug 2016Banking & Financial Services Law Association Conference - ​Judicial Case Law Update - Australia
​​Aug 2016Three recent developments in insolvency Law - Corporation Law Conference
​​18 Jun 2016​Unfinished Business in Corporations Law Reform - BLS Corporations Workshop
​​10 May 2016Equitable and Statutory Regulation of Conflicts of Interests and Duty - Presentation at University of NSW Law School
​26 Apr 2016​Commercial Equity Seminar:
08 Sep 2015​​Insolvency Practice in the Corporations List of the Supreme Court of New South Wales - University of Technology Presentation
​19 Jun 2015Recent Developments in Corporations Law - Commercial Law Association of Australia
​21 Mar 2015INSOL International/UNCITRAL/World Bank Judicial Colloquium in Insolvency - Lessons from recent cases on cross-board insolvency - Australia
​19 Feb 2015Trusts, Financial Services and Conflicts - Law Council of Australia Conference - 2015: Superannuation. Super Forever....
​08 Mar 2014Recent Developments in Corporate Law - NSW Young Lawyers Annual Seminar
​20 Feb 2014Market Manipulation - Incentives and Enforcement
​01 Oct 2013Development of principles of statutory interpretation - Introduction to Australian Legal History Tutorials
​Jun 2013Practice in the Corporations List of the Supreme Court of New South Wales - Commercial Law Association Judges Seminars
​Mar 2013Recent developments in corporate law - NSW Young Lawyers Annual Seminar
​24 Feb 2012Simply Super 2012 Presentation
​04 Jul 2011Swearing-in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Ashley Black

The Honourable Justice P Brereton AM RFD

​15 Mar 2022
Elder Law: Reform And Recent Cases - Address to the NSW Bar Association Judges Series
​26 Oct 2019
Psychological Injury in Veterans and the Law - Keynote address for the Australasian College of Legal Medicine, Canberra
​24 Aug 2019
On The Occasion Of - The Australian Bravery Association, New South Wales Branch Dinner
​11 Aug 2018
​In Mixed Company: Corporations in Family Law
​05 May 2017
The Origins and Evolution of the Parens Patriae Jurisdiction - Lecture on Legal History, Sydney Law School
​10 Nov 2016Lieutenant General James Gordon Legge - Address delivered at the Supreme Court of New South Wales Remembrance Eve Ceremony
​​26 Apr 2016​Corporations List - Commercial Equity Seminar for Practitioners
​​08 Apr 2016Children's Issues in the Supreme Court - Address to the Children's Court of New South Wales Meeting
15 Jul 2015Breaking Precedent: The Relevance of Previously Decided Cases in Determining the Entitlements of Parties in Property Proceedings
​08 Oct 2014
Aspects of Domestic and International Law and Practice in Adoptions - Peter Nygh Memorial Lecture, 16th National Family Law Conference
​08 May 2013
Military Justice and Chapter III: The Constitutional Basis Of Courts Martial Commentary -Australian Association of Constitutional Lawyers Seminar 
​17 Oct 2012Binding or Bound to Fail? Equitable Remedies and Rectification of Financial Agreements
​30 Jun 2011Acting for the Incapable - A Delicate Balance
​16 May 2011Proof of Foreign Law - Problems and Initiatives
​06 Nov 2010The Director of Military Prosecutions, the Afghanistan Charges and the Rule of Law
​19 Oct 2010A Trustee's Lot Is Not a Happy One
​16 Oct 2010The High Court and Family Law - Two Recent Excursions
​14 Aug 2008Practice and Procedure Before the Duty Judge in Equity
​11 Apr 2008Third Parties: Invited Guests Or Gate Crashers?
​28 Mar 2008Costs Update
​Sep 2007Evidence in Civil Proceedings: An Australian Perspective on Documentary and Electronic Evidence
​31 Aug 2007Costs - The Proportionality Principle
​16 Mar 2007Equitable Estoppel In Australia: The Court of Conscience in the Antipodes
​Oct 2006Where Death and Divorce Meet: The Intersection of Family Provision and Family Law
​13 Aug 2006Aspects of Advocacy: The Effective Presentation of Evidence
​Oct 2005Part VIIIAA of the Family Law Act Update:Orders and Injunctions Binding Third Parties
21 Sep 2005
Recent Developments in Family Law: Bankruptcy, Third Parties and Other Matters
​15 Aug 2005Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Paul Le Gay Brereton SC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Honourable Justice R Button​ 

12 Jun 2012Swearing-in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Richard Button

The Honourable Justice Campbell​

27 Mar 2014An Introduction to the Civil Liability of Public Authorities - State Legal Conference
​27 Mar 2014S.6 Law Reform Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1946 and Chubb Insurance Company of Australia LTD v Moore [2013] NSWSC 2012 - State Legal Conference
​08 Oct 2012Remarks on the inaugural Supreme Court sitting at Murwullimbah Courthouse
​02 May 2012Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Stephen Campbell

The Honourable Justice Cavanagh

20 Jul 2022
The Civil Liability Act … Has it Served its Purpose?
18 Mar 2021
2021 St Aloysius Law Lunch
16 Sep 2019Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Richard Cavanagh

The Honourable​​ Justice Nicholas Chen

11 Jul 2022Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Nicholas Chen (pending)

> Link to video of Welcome Ceremony

The Honourable Justice R Darke​

16 Aug 2013Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Rowan James Hunter Darke SC

The Honourable Justice DL Davies​ 

29 Jun 2009Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice David Lloyd Davies SC

The Honourable​​ Justice H Dhanji

27 Sep 2022
​Cultural diversity in the Law: It is not revolution - but we are going to occupy the buildings
08 Dec 2021
Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Hament Dhanji​
> Link to Video of Ceremony

The Honourable Justice DJ Fagan

11 Jun 2015Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Desmond John Fagan

The Honourable Justice EL Fullerton​

19 Feb 2007Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Elizabeth Fullerton

The Honourable Justice PR Garling RFD​

0​3 Aug 2017
​Local Court Conference - Civil Law - An Update
​15 Mar 2017Hicksons Health Law Forum
​​06 May 2016​Sydney University Law Graduation Address
0​​1 Dec 2015Concurrent Expert Evidence - The New South Wales Experience - University of Oxford
08 Dec 2014Bureau of Health Information - An Enabler of Public Hospital Reform
​15 Mar 2014Civil Liability Act 2002 - Burden for a Defendant - NSW Bar Association Personal Injury Conference
​16 Oct 2013Concurrent Evidence: Perspective of an Australian Judge - Oxford University Seminar Paper
​14 Mar 2012Expert Witness Immunity - Address to Medio-Legal Society of NSW
​​03 Mar 2012​Civil Liability Act 2002 - 10 Years On
​17 Aug 2011Concurrent Expert Evidence
​01 Sep 2010Duties of Counsel: Recent Developments
​10 Aug 2010Speech on the Occasion of the Launch of the Agency For Clinical Innovation
​07 Jun 2010Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Peter Garling

The Honourable Justice F Gleeson​

​15 Nov 2017
​2017 Corporate and Commercial Law Conference: Proscriptive and prescriptive duties: is the distinction helpful and sustainable, and if so, what are the practical consequences?
​29 Apr 2013
Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Fabian Gleeson

The Honourable Acting Justice J Griffiths

​27 May 2022
'Apprehended Bias and the Personal Injury Commission': Address at the Personal Injury Commission's Annual Member Conference 2022
19 May 2022
'Judicial and Administrative Review of Non-Statutory Executive Power': Keynote Address at the Land and Environment Court Annual Conference 2022

The Honourable Justice P Hallen​

05 Jul 2010Swearing-in Ceremony of the Honourable Associate JusticePhilip Hallen

​The Honourable Justice D Hammerschlag, Chief Judge in Equity​

30 Jan 2007Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable David Jacob Hammerschlag

The Honourable Justice P Hamill​

​22 Jun 2022
Paul Byrne SC Memorial Lecture: “They’re All Good Cases”
16 Sep 2015Is it Murder? The Ethics and Legality of Drone Strikes - 2015 Learned Friends Conference, Nuremberg
​29 Oct 2014Ceremonial Bows of Jeffrey McLennan SC
​29 Apr 2014Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Peter Hamill

The Honourable Justice IG Harrison​

17 May 2011Commencement speech to law graduates, University of Technology, Sydney Law Graduation ceremony
​22 May 2009Commencement speech to law graduates, University of Sydney Law Graduation ceremony
​07 Mar 2009Paper delivered at Public Defenders Criminal Law Conference
​11 Oct 2008Speech delivered to 11th International Criminal Law Congress
​08 Feb 2008Speech delivered to National Sentencing Conference
​12 Feb 2007Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Ian Gordon Harrison

The Honourable​​ Justice PA Henry

30 Jan 2019Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Patricia Anne Henry

The Honourable​​ Acting Justice RA Hulme

06 Feb 2023
Opening of 2023 Law Term Dubbo

The Honourable​​ Justice MJ Ierace

31 Jan 2019Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Mark Joseph Ierace

The Honourable​​ Justice JK Kirk

21 Apr 2022Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Jeremy Kevin Kirk

> Link to video of Welcome Ceremony

The Honourable Justice F Kunc​

​20 May 2021
An occasional address at the ​University of Sydney Law School prizegiving ceremony
​11 Nov 2019
Family Provision and Artificial Intelligence – Utopia or Dystopia?  - Annual Dinner of Accredited Wills & Estates Specialists at the Union, University & Schools Club, Sydney
​09 Nov 2019
E-conveyancing and Caveats - Toongabbie Legal Centre’s e-Conveyancing and its Fundamentals Conference
​02 May 2019
​Courage as a Legal Virtue - The Inaugural Andrew Rogers Lecture in Private Law and Legal Practice, School of Law and Justice of Southern Cross University, Lismore
​07 Jan 201716 Rules for the Compleat Expert - Australian Accountants Lawyers and Directors Conference, Aspen, Colorado
​​22 Oct 2016Section 88K Easements - How Much Discretion Really? - Environmental & Planning Law Association (NSW) Inc Conference 2016
​​18 Feb 2016​The 2016 Barry O'Keefe Memorial Lecture at Australian Catholic University: The Rule of Law - Necessary but not Sufficient?
08 Apr 2015An address to the University of Technology Sydney Law Student's Society's Speaker Series 2015 Launch A facade of freedom: is there such a thing as free speech?
​09 Jan 2015Company Directors: Decisions, Duties and Dilemmas
​Oct 2014Reflections on the origins of the parens patriae jurisdiction
​09 Nov 2013Shall ye be heard? Legal Representation in civil claims - Salvos Legal Lecture Series
​08 Apr 2013Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Francois Kunc SC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Honourable Justice MJ Leeming​

​Oct 2022
"Penalties in Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore - Storm-warnings, statutes and style" (2022) 51 Australian Bar Review 377-390
​Sep 2022
Book review of "The Intricacies of Dicta and Dissent" (2022) 81(2) Cambridge Law Journal 417-420
​Aug 2022
"Justice Basten and the New Frontiers of Administrative Law:  Crime, Tort and Contract"  (2022) 29 Australian Journal of Administrative Law 92
​27 Apr 2022
Land and Environment Court Seminar: Appeals to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Criminal Appeal 2021
​Apr 2022
Knowledge and Approval: The complex interplay between statute and judge-made law
Mar 2022
Cook and the (literary) pirates
Feb 2022
"Well hidden" Equity - Four Equity Eucalypts (2022) 96 ALJ 102"
​Jun 2021
Launch of “So Help Me God – A History of Oaths of Office”
Apr 2021
The Bathurst Lecture 2021: The enduring qualities of commercial law
​Jan 2021
Injunctions in criminal law (2021) 95 ALJ 18
​Dec 2020
Dec. 2020 Launch of 'Lord Devlin' by Justice John Sackar
​Nov 2020
"Lawyers' uses of history, from Entick v Carrington to Smethurst v Commissioner of Police" (2020) 49 Aust Bar Rev 199
​Aug 2020
Foreword to R Catterwell, "A Unified Approach to Contract Interpretation" (Hart Publishing, 2020)
​Apr 2020
"​Six differences between trustees and company directors" (2020) 94 ALJ 254
​Mar 2020
A History of Australian Tort Law 1901–1945: England 1945:  England ’s Obedient Servant?" (2020) 48 Aust Bar Rev 243
​22 Nov 2019
​Judge-made law and statute - a complex interwoven fabric:  Selected decisions from Western Australia
​25 Oct 2019
Equity in Australia and the United Kingdom: dissonance and concordance
​Oct 2019
"Has the Golden Age of Fraud Passed?" (2019) 19 OUCLJ 298
​30 Aug 2019
​"From the Bench - case law update"
Australian appellate decisions

​Aug 2019
“Marshalling securities and construing releases in equity” (2019) 93 ALJ 626
​Aug 2019
​"Statute Law in the Law of Obligations:  Dimensions of Form and Substance” in A Robertson and J Goudkamp, Form and Substance in the Law of Obligations (Hart Publishing 2019), ch 15
​Aug 2019
“Sir Owen Dixon”
​Aug 2019
​“Fusion - Fission - Fusion:  Pre-Judicature Equity Jurisdiction in New South Wales 1824 – 1972” in J Goldberg et al (eds) Equity and Law:  Fusion and Fission (Cambridge UP 2019), 118
​May 2019
​“The Role of equity in 21st century commercial disputes - Meeting the needs of any sophisticated and successful legal system” (2019) 47 Aust Bar Rev 137

​Feb 2019

"Pipikos v Trayans - The High Court Revisits Part Performance" (2019) 93 ALJ 91 

“Trustees’ Rights of Indemnity, Insolvency and Statutory Distributions to Preferred Creditors” (2018) 92 ALJ 503
​Sep 2018
​“Maintenance in Medieval England” [2018] 77 Cambridge Law Journal 402-405
​May 2018
"Not Slavishly Nor Always - Equity and Limitation Statutes" published in P Davies, S Doulas and J Goudkamp (eds), Defences in Equity (Hart Publishing, 2018), ch 14
​Apr 2018
"Receipts Clauses and 'Contractual Estoppel' Revisited" (2018) 134 LQR 171
Ex parte candour, Solicitors' Liens and Set-off (2018) 92 ALJ 22
​Dec 2017
"Overlapping Claims at Common Law and in Equity – An Embarrassment of Riches?" (2017) 11 Journal of Equity 229.
​Sep 2017
​Equitable Compensation for Breach of Confidence [2017] (Spring) Bar News 42-45
​06 Sep 2017
Launch of “Equitable Compensation and Disgorgement of Profit” edited by Simone Degeling and Jason Varuhas
Injunctions restraining enforcement of 'Muslim Ban' Executive Orders (2017) 91 ALJ 443
0​2 Aug 2017
​Launch of "Strata Title Property Rights– Private governance of multi-owned properties" by Cathy Sherry
The Primary Judge in Equity (2016) 90 ALJ 783
​2016The Comparative Distinctiveness of Equity, (2016) 2(2) CJCCL 403-420​​
​03 Aug 2016Appeals from the Land and Environment Court - Land and Environment Court Seminar
Proprietary Relief and Tracing in Equity (2016) 90 ALJ 92
Equity and statute:  a commentary - published in P Turner (ed) "Equity and Administration" (Cambridge University Press, 2016), 248-257
​Nov 2015Judicial Review of Vice-Regal Decisions: South Australia v O'Shea its Precursors and its Progeny" (2015) 36 Adelaide Law Review 1
16 Oct 2015Recent Decisions of the NSW Court of Appeal​ with Appendix​ - EPLA Conference, Sydney
​29 May 2015Ministerial Override Certificates
​27 Feb 2015Equity: Ageless in the Age of Statutes, (2015) 9 Journal of Equity 108
​20 Feb 2015Commercial Equity and Statutes - Law Society Summer School, Perth
​20 Nov 2014Common law, equity and statute: limitations and analogies
​20 Oct 2014Two topics from Administrative Law in Australia and the United Kingdom
​12 Sep 2014Farah and its progeny: comity among intermediate appellate courts (2015) 12 The Judicial Review 165
​19 May 2014Tradition and history, with a dash of humility - St Paul's College, University of Sydney
​Apr 2014The riddle of jurisdictional error (2014) 38 Aust Bar Rev 139
​14 Feb 2014The Federal and State Courts on Constitutional Law: The 2013 term
Translating Overseas Trusts into the Australian Legal System (2014) 88 ALJ 169
​Feb 2014Theories and Principles Underlying the Development of the Common Law - The Statutory Elephant in the Room (2013) 36(3) UNSWLJ 1002
Ex parte applications for injunctions:  then and now (2013) 87 ALJ 303
​03 Jun 2013
Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Mark James Leeming SC

The Honourable Justice G Lindsay​

16 Nov 2022
EQUITY'S CHALLENGE: Maintenance of Standards in Deployment of Enduring Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship Appointments
13 Oct 2022
​"Enduring Agents": Creation, Use and Abuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship Appointments
28 Sep 2022
IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS: The Context, Nature and Purpose of Work of the NSW Trustee and the Public Guardian in the Protection of a Vulnerable Person
​14 Jun 2022
NCAT's Protective Jurisdiction in Context
​22 Mar 2022
What is a Will, and why does it matter?
03 Mar 2022
Probate Law and Practice: An Introduction
23 Feb 2022
The Province and Nature of Probate Law and Practice
​19-21 Nov 2021
An Application For Judicial Advice:  Text, Context and Functional Purpose - The Blue Mountains Law Society Succession Law Conference
17 Nov 2021
​A Platypus in NSW Succession Law: Statutory Wills in a Managed Society
​05 Aug 2021
​Challenges in the conduct of a 'succession' case across jurisdictional boundaries
16 Jun 2021
The role of "evaluation" in the determination of succession (Probate and Family Provision) litigation
​26 May 2021
The Family Provision Jurisdiction: An Outline of Themes and Practical Considerations 
24 Feb 2021
Boundaries in Estate Administration and Protective Management: Limits on what can be done
​11 Sep 2020
Accountability: The Universal Problem in the Administration of Estates affected by Incapacity or Death - 2020 Succession Conference
​03 Jun 2020
The Family Provision Jurisdiction in Historical Perspective - Macquarie Law School, Succession
​12 Mar 2020
A Progress Report: Case Management in the Probate List - UNSW, Wills & Estates  Law Intensive Programme
​13 Nov 2019
Probate Law and Practice: an Appetite for Change - College Of Law, Advanced Wills And Estates Conference
​14 Sep 2019
Render Unto Caesar:  Medicine and Law in Assessments of (In)capacity - Succession Law Conference, 2019
​31 Aug 2019
The Concept of "Special" Administration of a Deceased Estate - The Esls Lawyers Learning for Charity Conference
​23 Aug 2019
The Judicial Function and the Public Domain: Proceedings in the Equity Division - Judicial Commission of NSW, Annual Conference 2019
​9 Aug 2019
Discovery and Subpoenas in Probate Matters - Law Society of NSW, Specialist Accreditation Conference (Wills & Estates)
​30 Jul 2019
(In)capacity – For What? - College Of Law, Elder Law Workshop
​12 Jul 2019
​The Study Of Legal History:  A Practitioner’s Perspective - British Legal History Conference, Saint Andrews, Scotland
​20 Feb 2019
Parties, Property and Notice of Proceedings in Succession Law Cases - College of Law Seminar
​16 Nov 2018
The "Why" and "What" of "Suspicious Circumstances" in Probate Litigation​ - Succession Law Conference, Adelaide
​26 Oct 2018
​A STRUGGLE FOR PERFECTION IN AN IMPERFECT WORLD: Dignity of the Individual; Incapacity for Self-Management; Rights, Duties and Conflicts of Interest - Incapacity Conference, Perth
​11 Oct 2018
​The Grounds for "Challenging a Will" - a Closed Class? - NSW Law Continuing Legal Education Seminar, Wills and Estates Law
​07-09 Sep 2018
​An Australian History of the Law of Succession - 2018 Succession Conference, The Blue Mountains Law Society
​18 Jul 2018
Entitlements to Remuneration of a Fiduciary as an Accounting Party - STEP Australia Seminar
​15 Jun 2018
Who Guards the Guard? Incapacity in a Family Context - Elder Law Workshop, College of Law
​01 Mar 2018
Indigenous Estate Distribution Orders - Seminar: Sorry Business and Wills, Judicial Commission of NSW
​28 Feb 2018
Pleadings and Case Management - 2018 Judges' Series of Seminars, The College of Law
​27 Feb 2018
Wills and Estates: A Survey of the Field - UNSW Continuing Legal Education Program, CPD Seminar
​08 Dec 2017
Roles in Protective Management of Person and Property - Training Seminar, NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal​
​18 Nov 2017
Children, The Parens Patriae, And Supervisory, Jurisdiction of the Suprme Court of NSW - Legal Aid NSW, Child Representation Conference, Terrigal
​16 Sep 2017
​Accountability Across the Spectrum of Estate Administration in NSW - 2017 Succession Conference, Medlow Bath
​30 Jun 2017
​Launch of "Capacity and the Law" (2nd ed)
​14 May 2017
Recent Developments, Fiduciary Obligations, The Liability To Account And Vulnerable People
​05 May 2017
The "Doctrine of Precedent" in Australian Legal History
​​20 Apr 2017Having a Voice: CEW Bean as a "Social Missionary"​
​​11 Mar 2017The Incapacitated Plantiff and Personal Injury Compensation Proceedings - NSW Bar Association Personal Injury and Common Law Conference
​24 Jan 2017Concepts, Patterns and Problems in Probate Litigation: A Perspective of Estate Administration – Judges’ Conference 2017​​
​​16 Nov 2016The Literary Executor and the Lighthouse - The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners ("STEP") - STEP Australia - NSW Branch​​
​​10 Nov 2016The Forgotten CEW Bean - Remembrance Day, 2016: The Legal Profession and World War On​e
0​​4 Nov 2016Equity: A NSW Experience - Succession and Elder Law Residential 2016, Queensland Law Society​
​​25 Oct 2016The Role of "Purpose" in Estates Litigation: Why We Do What Must Be Done - The College of Law, Advanced Will and Estates Day
​​17 Sep 2016Operation of the Probate and Protective Lists - Succession Conference, The Blue Mountains (Regional) Law Society
​​22 Mar 2016​Key Insights Into Civil Litigation: Opening Commentary - Seminar, University of NSW, Faculty of Law
​​25 Nov 2015​Estate Disputes: Practical Tactics and Recent Events - A Comment. A Legalwise Seminar, UNSW
​05 Nov 2015Pleadings and Case Management - 2015 Judges' Series of Seminars
14 Oct 2015The TFM Act: Early Days Leading to a 99 Year Centenary - Seminar, The Law Society of NSW
​16 Sep 2015QUO VADIS : Wills and estates, law and practice, in contemporary NSW​​
​26 May 2015Estate Administration: A Course of Seminars - A Province of Modern Equity: Management of Life, Death and Estate Administration (Seminar No 1)
​12 Apr 2015A Literary Event: The Launch of Bearing Witness (Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2015) by Peter Rees
​25 Mar 2015Litigation Master Class - CLE Seminar, University of NSW, Faculty of Law
​17 Feb 2015Administration of Estates - Deconstruction and Synthesis in Changing Times: Purposeful Management of Property, People and Relationships
​06 Aug 2014Current Issues in Probate Law Administration: Life, Death, Form, Function and History - Advances Wills and Estates Conference
​23 Jul 2014Financial Management and Remuneration - NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal Members' Training Seminar
​08 Nov 2013LPAB "Orientation Day" Welcome to Students
​23 Sep 2013The Unfolding Future of Authorised Law Reporting in Australia
​05 Sep 2013Perspectives from the Bench: The Importance of Adjectival Law, and Practice, to Substantive Outcomes
​22 Aug 2013Onus of Proof in Estate Litigation for the Law Society of New South Wales Young Lawyers
​24 Jun 2013The Future of Authorised Law Reporting in Australia - The Australian Law Librarians Association
​05 Apr 2013Perspective from the Equity Bench - Young Lawyers Civil Litigation Law 2013 Annual Seminar
​25 Mar 2013Strategies to Avoid Risk in Relation to Death Bed Wills
​06 Aug 2012Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Geoffrey Charles Lindsay
​06 Aug 2012Swearing-In Ceremony Of the Honourable G C (Geoff) Lindsay SC (speech notes)

The Honourable Justice J Lonergan​​​

21 Mar 2017Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Julia Lonergan

The Honourable Justice RBS Macfarlan​

​30 Oct 2020
​EPLA Conference 2020 - Court of Appeal Update
08 Sep 2008Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Robert Bruce Scott Macfarlan QC

The Honourable Justice S McNaughton

11 Oct 2022
Swearing-in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Sarah McNaughton

> Link to video of Welcome Ceremony

The Honourable Justice AJ Meagher​

​04 Dec 2019
Getting the Meaning Right – The Correct Approach to Interpreting Insurance Contracts
​28 Feb 2018
​NSW Bar Association - "Insurance and the Courts"
​19 Oct 2017
Asia Pacific Insurance Conference Keynote Speech "Insurance and the Courts"
​28 Apr 2017
​"The Insurance Contracts Act - Good faith, contracting out and refusing claims" (Kenneth Sutton Inaugural Insurance Lecture)
10 Aug 2011
Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Anthony John Meagher, SC

The Honourable​​ Justice MK Meek

05 May 2022Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Michael Kingsley Meek 

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The Honourable Justice AM Mitchelmore

28 Mar 2022Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Anna Mitchelmore

> Link to video of Welcome Ceremony

The Honourable Justice T Parker

0​6 Apr 2017
Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Thomas Guy Radcliffe Parker

The Honourable Justice A Payne​​​

04 Nov 2022
Making Good Decisions
18 Mar 2022
State Taxes Litigation – Some Observations from the Bench
​03 Nov 2017
Macarthur Legal Centre 30th Anniversary
​20 Oct 2017
Recent appeals from the Land and Environment Court
​30 Mar 2016Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Anthony Payne, SC​​​

The Hon​our​able Justice Elisabeth Peden​​​​​

06 Apr 2022Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Elisabeth Peden

The Honourable Justice DM Price AM​

28 Aug 2006Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Derek Michael Price as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Honourable​​ Justice Mark Richmond


The Honourable Justice S Robb​

20 Jun 2013Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Stephen Robb QC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Honourable Justice SC Rothman AM

​08 May 2019
How I have tried to have the Courage to Care to be an Upstander, in my family life, working situation and community involvement - Courage to Care Fundraising Lunch
​18 Mar 2018
Disadvantage and Crime: The impact of Bugmy & Munda on Sentencing Aboriginal and Other Offenders - Public Defenders' Criminal Law Conference
​14 Jun 2017
Is social exclusion a problem for minorities in Australia and if so how should we deal with it & how does the judiciary deal with it? -  Muslim Legal Network Iftar Dinner 
​11 Mar 2016Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions
02 Jul 2014Equal Justice, Mandatory Sentencing and the Rule of Law
​25 Feb 2014The Impact of Bugmy & Munda on Sentencing Aboriginal and Other Offenders
​18 Oct 2012Good Faith, Mutual Trust and Confidence: How far have we come; and where are we heading?
​05 Dec 2011Reflections from Queens Square - Australian Labour Law
​18 May 2007Address to the NSW Industrial Relations Society
​10 Aug 2006The Evolution of Labour Law and Significance of WORKCHOICES
​23 Aug 2005Blackadder: An Analysis - Paper for NSW Young Lawyers: A Division of the Law Society of NSW
​03 May 2005Swearing in ceremony of the Honourable Stephen Craig Rothman SC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Honour​able Justice JR Sackar​ 

​30 Jun 2022
Middle Temple London Speech on the Pandemic
​04 Feb 2021
Prioritising identity and Culture for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  Children - NSW Child Protection Legal Conference
​16 Jan 2019
The rule in Browne v Dunn – essential or anachronistic - University of Oxford
​22 Jan 2018
Life is a Lottery: Supreme and Federal Court Judges' Conference 2018 (Sydney)
​16 Jan 2018
​Disqualification of Judges for Bias: Faculty of Law, Oxford, U.K.
​19 Jan 2016

Cross Examination:  Its Preparation and Execution: Faculty of Law, Oxford, U.K.

​15 May 2013
​Should Judges be Mediators? - Faculty of Law, Oxford, U.K.
01 Feb 2011Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable John Sackar QC

The Honourable Justice MJ Slattery​

​11 May 2021
​Eulogy by RADM Slattery AM RAN on behalf of Chief of Navy for the Hon. David Levine AO, RFD, QC. State Library of NSW.
​26 May 2019
Boer War Commemoration Address, ANZAC Memorial, Hyde Park, Sydney
​12 Nov 2018
​Lieutenant Edwin Mayhew Brissenden - Remembrance Day 2018
​11 Apr 2018
Percy Valentine Storkey: The Sydney Law Student Who Won a Victoria Cross
​09 Dec 2016Arthur Seaforth Blackburn VC - Adelaide Tri-Service Dinner
​10 Nov 2016​Colonel Henry Normand MacLaurin - On the Eve of Remembrance Day
​25 Apr 2016​​ANZAC Day Address​​
16 Oct 2014CLEAA Conference Opening
​05 Sep 2014Eulogy for the Hon. John Slattery
​25 May 2009Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Michael Slattery QC

The Honourable Justice JWJ Stevenson​

​12 Sep 2018
Kenneth Sutton Insurance Lecture: Rectification of Insurance Contracts
01 Feb 2012
Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable James Stevenson

The Honourable Justice M Walton​

08 Dec 2016Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Michael Walton

The Honourable Justice JK Ward, President of the Court of Appeal​

​12 Nov 2018
Major James Whiteside Fraser McManamey - Remembrance Day 2018
​08 Sep 2018
Sir Anthony Mason Oration - Blue Mountains Law Society 2018 Succession Conference
​01-03 Sep 2018
Of Singaporean yachts, Chilean Ponzi schemes, and the Italian merchant marine (among others) - An update on cross-border insolvency laws in Australia: 35th Annual BFSLA Conference (Queenstown, New Zealand)
​01-03 Sep 2018
Australian Appellate Decisions in Insolvency Law: Recent Updates - 35th Annual BFSLA Conference (Queenstown, New Zealand)
​21 May 2018
​Integrated Diversity in the Legal Profession - Iftar Dinner
0​7 Jun 2017
Women's Leadership - Keynote Address - The Australian Women's Leadership Symposium
05 Oct 2014LAWASIA 27th Conference (Bangkok) - Criminal Sessions: Discriminating Laws
​05 Sep 2014World Bar Conference - War is not the answer - The ever present threat to the rule of law
​03 Sep 2014NSW Young Lawyers State of the Profession Conference
​29 May 2014STEP Conference - Legal capacity then and now: The potential repercussions of neuroscientific studies
​24 Mar 2012Costs - Banking and Financial Services Law Association Conference
​15 Aug 2010Penalties and the protection of freedom of contract
​29 Sep 2008Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Julie Kathryn Ward

The Honourable Justice RW White​ 

17 Mar 2017Insolvent Trusts: Implications of Buckle and CPT Custodian
18 Oct 2014Advocacy and Ethics: The Self-Represented Litigant
​15 Nov 2011Use of Extrinsic Evidence to Construe Wills
​30 Oct 2010Overview of the Evidence Act
​21 May 2010Trusts - An Australian Perspective
​Aug 2007The Nature of a Beneficiary's Equitable Interest in a Trust
​27 Apr 2004Swearing-in Ceremony of the Honourable Richard Weeks White as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Honourable Justice K Williams

22 Mar 2021
Welcome Ceremony For The Honourable Justice Kate Williams As A Judge Of The Supreme Court Of New South Wales

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The Honourable Justice H Wilson​

03 Nov 2014Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Helen Wilson

The Honourable Justice R Wright​

​07 Aug 2017
Two Warnings and Some Encouragement (Occasional Address to St. Paul's College)
​21 Mar 2017
Administrative Review Proceedings in NCAT
​12 Aug 2016​A New Approach to Civil Disputes
​16 Mar 2016NCAT - Where did it come from? How does it work? How does the Supreme Court relate to NCAT?: Supreme Court of NSW Seminar
17 Jul 2015​LPAB Graduation Ceremony Occa​​sional Address
​29 May 2015The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal case management and practice and procedure
​03 Mar 2015An Overview of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal
​12 Nov 2014Australian Lawyers, Australian Legal Practitioners, Solicitors and the New Super Tribunal
​10 Sep 2014The Implementation of NCAT
​29 Jan 2014Launch of the Civil And Adminstrative Tribunal of New South Wales
​25 Oct 2013Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Robertson Wright

 The Honourable​​ Justice Dina Yehia

04 Jul 2022Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Dina Yehia (pending)

> Link to video of Welcome Ceremony