Sentencing Symposiums - 2014

In early 2014, Chief Justice Bathurst hosted a number of symposiums in relation to criminal sentencing. The symposiums were held to facilitate a better understanding of the judiciary's work, particularly in relation to the process of sentencing offenders.


Chief Justice Bathurst chaired each of the symposiums. They included brief presentations by Justice Hoeben, Chief Judge at Common Law, Justice Johnson and Justice RA Hulme. Justice Fullerton gave a presentation at the third symposium. Representatives from the New South Wales Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the New South Wales Bar Association and other senior members of the criminal bar were also present to answer questions.  

Justice Hoeben, Chief Judge at Common Law, provided a general overview of sentencing principles and their application. Justice Johnson spoke about charge selection and the presentation of facts on sentence, along with the facility for, and rates of appeal against, sentence. Justice RA Hulme discussed the fact that specific offences can involve a wide range of conduct and the effect that the seriousness of the offence has on sentencing. In particular, he considered the offences of break, enter and commit serious indictable offence, sexual assault and manslaughter.


The written papers that accompanied the presentations at the sentencing symposiums are available below.

On 20 May 2014, the Court held the third and final symposium for representatives of a wide range of community groups. This seminar was filmed and the video is available for viewing via this link.

The Chief Justice thanks all those who attended the symposiums and for the thoughtful questions and issues raised for discussion.