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Approved forms

The following Uniform Civil forms have been approved for use in the Court of Appeal

  • Form 101 - General form (Court of Appeal)
  • Form 102 - List of parties (Court of Appeal)
  • Form 103 - Notice of intention to appeal (Court of Appeal)
  • Form 104 - Summons seeking leave to appeal (Court of Appeal)
  • Form 105 - Notice of appeal (Court of Appeal)
  • Form 106 - Notice of contention (Court of Appeal)

These forms may be downloaded from the Civil Forms webpage.

List of Authorities template

Parties to a hearing or proceedings before the Court of Appeal are required, in accordance with para 46 to 48 of  Practice Note No. SC CA 1, to lodge four copies of a list of authorities no later than 24 hours before the hearing.

  The list of authorities must include the following:

(a) reference to any Commonwealth or New South Wales statutes, identifying the relevant reprint or date;

(b) in relation to other jurisdictions, annexing copies of the relevant legislation;

(c) cases from which passages will be read in the course of argument;

(d) cases to be cited but not read, and

(e) The provider of the list of authorities must place his or her name and contact details including email and telephone number at the foot of the list of authorities.

To assist in the preparation of the list of authorities the following MS Word template is provided for download:

List of Authorities Template

Please lodge the completed list of authorities in the box provided on level 12 of the Supreme Court building.

Administrative forms