Supreme Court


Equity Division

As at 28 July 2022 there are 17 Judges assigned to the Equity Division. Those Judges are: Justice David Hammerschlag, Chief Judge in Equity; Justice Michael Slattery; Justice Michael Ball;  Justice Ashley Black; Justice James Stevenson; Justice Geoff Lindsay; Justice Philip Hallen; Justice Francois Kunc; Justice Stephen Robb; Justice Rowan Darke; Justice Guy Parker; Justice Kelly Rees; Justice Trish Henry; Justice Kate Williams; Justice Elisabeth Peden; Justice Mark Richmond; Justice Michael Meek.

There is also a Registrar in Equity and Corporations Registrar, who conducts case management of proceedings across the Division and hears applications within her delegation. The Registrar is assisted by the Senior Deputy Registrars and the Deputy Registrars.  There is also a Senior Deputy Registrar in Probate who conducts case management of proceedings in the Probate List and hears applications within his/her delegation.

The Equity Division hears civil cases in a number of different areas. The Chief Judge in Equity is responsible for the administration of the Equity Division generally. The work of the Division is administered through specialist Lists. The Judges who usually hear cases in the Commercial, Commercial Arbitration, and Technology and Construction Lists are Justice Ball and Justice Stevenson. The Judges who usually hear cases in the Corporations List are Justice Black, Justice David Hammerschlag, Chief Judge in Equity and Justice Williams.

The nature of the work in each of the Lists is described in the Practice Notes which are to be found here​. The following table identifies the Lists, the List Judges presently administering the Lists and the Practice Notes that govern the operation of the Lists.

​ListsPractice NoteList Judges
General Equity

SC Eq 1


Chief Judge in Equity

Registrar in Equity

Duty JudgeSC Eq 8Equity Judges rostered for 2 weeks 24/7
AdmiraltySC Eq 2Slattery J
AdoptionsSC Eq 13Stevenson J

SC Eq 4

SC Eq 6

Black J

Commercial, Commercial Arbitration, Technology & Construction

SC Eq 3

SC Eq 9

Ball J


ExpeditionSC Eq 8Parker J
Protective Lindsay J
SC Eq 7
Hallen J
Real PropertySC Eq 12Peden J
RevenueSC Eq 10Richmond J


Other relevant documents include SC Eq 5 Expert Evidence; SC Eq 11 Disclosure in the Equity Division; and Court Attire Policy.