Supreme Court

Chief Justices

Sir Francis Forbes
Chief Justice 1824-1837

Sir James Dowling
Chief Justice 1837-1844

The Right Honourable Sir Alfred Stephen, GCMG, CB
Chief Justice 1844-1873

The Honourable Sir James Martin
Chief Justice 1873-1886

Sir Julian Emanuel Salomons
Chief Justice 12-27 November 1886

The Right Honourable Sir Frederick Matthew Darley, GCMG
Chief Justice 1886-1910

The Honourable Sir William Portus Cullen, KCMG, LLD
Chief Justice 1910-1925

The Honourable Sir Philip Whistler Street, KCMG
Chief Justice 1925-1934

The Honourable Sir Frederick Richard Jordan, KCMG
Chief Justice 1934-1949

The Honourable Sir Kenneth Whistler Street, KCMG, K St J
Chief Justice 1950-1960

The Right Honourable Herbert Vere Evatt
Chief Justice 1960-1962

The Honourable Sir Leslie James Herron, KBE, CMG, K St J
Chief Justice 1962-1972

The Right Honourable Sir John Robert Kerr, AK, GCMG, K St J
Chief Justice 1972-1974

The Honourable Sir Laurence Whistler Street, KCMG, K St J
Chief Justice 1974-1988

The Honourable Anthony Murray Gleeson, AC
Chief Justice 1988-1998

The Honourable James Jacob Spigelman, AC
Chief Justice from 1998-2011

The Honourable Thomas Frederick Bathurst, AC 
Chief Justice from 2011-2022

The Honourable Andrew Scott Bell 
Chief Justice from 2022 to Present