Supreme Court

Law Courts building

More than 40 years ago the State Government undertook the construction of a new home for the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The site chosen was in the heart of the traditional legal precinct of Sydney: Queen's Square.

The site — at the corner of King and Macquarie Streets — was formerly occupied by the Crown Law Offices and Queen's Club building which then housed the NSW Department of the Attorney-General and of Justice.

The Government decided that the Supreme Court should be accommodated in a modern court house, under one roof instead of being spread, as it was, through a series of separate buildings, ill-fitted to the work and the dignity of the Court.

The concept involved the closure of the eastern tip of King Street between Phillip and Macquarie Streets to form a paved pedestrian concourse linking the Supreme Court site with the island block on which stands St James' Church and the old Supreme Court.

The closure of King Street created a link that was more than symbolic. Together with the construction of a pedestrian tunnel under St James' Road it has meant a smoother flow for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic through what was once a highly congested area.

The first major refurbishment of Law Courts Building since its opening in 1977 was completed in April 2013.

Further information about the Law Courts Building ​can be found on the Law Courts Limited website.