Self-guided court tours

The Supreme Court sits every working day of the year and, with few exceptions, its sittings are open to the public. 

This page includes some tips and resources to help you prepare for your upcoming visit, whether you are coming out of general interest, as part of your legal studies or university course, or for professional development. 

Download the free self-guided tour app

This free app will offer you an insight into the Court's history and its role in the State's legal system while also highlighting points of interest in the Law Courts Building, home to the Court's appellate and civil hearings and its administrative registry. 

You can use the app with audio and headphones, or simply read the transcribed content as you move through the Building. 

Make sure you read the "Trail tips" as well as the general content so you are aware of some basic courtroom protocol and what is expected of you while you are in the courtroom observing a hearing or trial. 

If you are visiting the Court with a large group of more than 20 people, we cannot guarantee that you will all be able to fit within the same courtroom.  Due to the complexity and significance of many Supreme Court hearings, the public gallery can fill quickly if there are many parties involved, many family members in attendance, or media representatives reporting on the day's events. Therefore, prepare yourself for the possibility that you will need to split your group across multiple courtrooms. 

Use the free searchable court list app or website

It is often a good idea to check what is listed at the Court on the day you are considering visiting, as well as the location for this listing.

This is particularly true if you are interested in observing a specific type of case, for example, you are only interested in watching a criminal trial consistent with the topic or subject you are currently studying. It is important to confirm the listing location of specific cases as the Court's criminal cases can be heard in different locations, such as King Street Court Complex (about 100 metres from the Law Courts Building), or Darlinghurst Courthouse (just outside Sydney's CBD), and some civil cases are heard in Hospital Road Court Complex.

When you click on a case in the search results, an online map highlighting the courthouse's location is revealed that you can use to obtain directions from your current location.

Search the online court list website

Download the searchable court list from the App Store

Download the searchable court list from Google Play

The information on the online court list and app is updated every 60 seconds so you can rely on it for the most up to date information while you are on the move during your visit.