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Court lists

You can use the court lists to find the time and place of a court appearance, check what is happening in the court on a particular date or day, obtain information about ​matters listed for return of subpoena and check previo​us access orders, and confirm the range of available mediation or he​aring dates on offer.

You can check these details in the following ways:​​​

The online court list and Search Court NSW Lists app allow you to search for a particular case by name, case number, location, date, jurisdiction, title of presiding officer and type of listing (for example, directions, hearing, judgment and so on). You can search for cases listed up to two weeks in advance, and for historical listings that have occurred in the last seven days. The online court list and mobile app are refreshed every 60 seconds. The mobile app also saves you time by automatically saving recent searches (so you can check the same case again without re-entering your search criteria), and links through to interactive maps detailing the court's location.

View the daily court list sorted by case management list​

The daily co​urt list is updated at 3.30 pm each day and displays matters listed on the next business day. While this alternate version of the list does not offer the same comprehensive search functionality of the online court list, it does include the names of the specialist case management lists into which cases have been allocated (such as the Professional Negligence List, Defamation List). It also contains additional information for practitioners.

Need t​o check the Duty Judge roster?

Go to daily c​ourt list, then select the appropriate date; the duty judge rostered is published at the top of the page.

Need to check if your jury is required to attend?

The Office of the Sheriff publishes updated information on jury panels on its Jury Attendance list webpage.

Check matters listed for return of subpoena, view a summary of documents produced and access orders

Each day, registry staff attach two extracts to the daily ​court list: the first details the cases listed for return of subpoena; the second captures cases in that day's list in which material has previously been produced, and access orders made at that time e.g. general access.

Need to check available hearing dates in the Common Law and Equity Divsions?

Go to the  daily c​ourt list then select the most recent court list date, and scroll to 'Notices to practitioners' at the bottom of the page.

Need to c​heck available mediation dates?​

Go to the  daily c​ourt list ​then select  the most recent court list date, and scroll to 'Notices to practitioners' at the bottom of the page.    

View details of court listings for specific cases using the On​line Registry​​

If you are a lawyer representing a party in a Supreme Court case, you can view details of past and future court listings online, 24 hours a day, using the Online Registry. The listing information that you can access includes listing date, estimated listing duration, presiding judicial officer, courtroom and location, and listing type (for example, directions, hearing and so on).This service is only available to parties in a case, or their legal representatives. Once registered, you can view those cases in which you have appeared as the solicitor on record; you will not have access to cases in which you are not directly involved.

Additional details about registration and viewing case information is available on the Online Registry website. ​​​

Link to download free Search NSW Court Listings mobile app for listing details refreshed every minute courthouse location maps & saved recent searches

Missed a return date for a subpoena and ​need a replacement date?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You ​can r​equest a new date by email​​​​​​​​​​​

Your email should include the case number, party names and ​preferred replacement listing date. ​​​

​​​If you are representing yourself, your email should also include the date upon which the Registrar granted you leave to issue the subpoena for which a replacement listing date is required.  ​