​This section contains links to the forms used in the Supreme Court, both those set out in Rules (such as approve​d forms under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005​), and those used to process requests for administrative services. You will also find information on the various ways in which you can file prescribed documents, or request administrative services from the Registry.

PLEASE NOTE: The Court does not accept the filing of ​documents by facsimile or via email (with the exception of certain documents for filing in the Court of Criminal Appeal: see Practice Note SC CCA 1 - Court of Criminal Appeal - General for that Court's requirements). 


This section contains details of the fees you need to pay when requesting a service from the Court.

With only a few exceptions, these fees are prescribed in the Civil Procedure Regulation 2017 and Criminal Procedure Regulation 2017, and are payable at the time you ask the Court or Registry staff to perform the service you need.

This section also contains information about how you can pay a fee, what you can do if you cannot afford to pay a fee, and addresses other frequently asked questions in relation to court fees.