Supreme Court


​​Supreme Court Bushfire Announcement


On my own behalf and on behalf of all members of the Court and Court staff, I express my deepest sympathy to all members of the profession and the public whose lives have been disrupted by the recent bushfires.


The Court is conscious of the fact that disruption to people's lives from the bushfires may give rise to difficulties in their involvement in litigation in this Court.


The Court is anxious to ensure that everything reasonably possible can be done to minimise any prejudice a party may suffer as a result of the direct or indirect effect of the bushfires and will seek to accommodate any resulting difficulties in the conduct of litigation.


The Court has resolved that any requests for accommodation arising out of those difficulties be made in the following manner.


  1. In respect of matters in the Court of Appeal, notification should be made to the President.

  2. In respect of matters in the Equity Division, any requests should be made to the duty judge with notification of that request also being made to the Chief Judge in Equity.

  3. In respect of matters in the Court of Criminal Appeal and the Common Law Division, whether civil or criminal, requests should be made to the Principal Registrar of the Court with notification of such request being given to me.

The Court will do all it can to accommodate any reasonable request.

A printable PDF of this announcement is available for download here.

T F Bathurst AC

Chief Justice of New South Wales