Speeches by former judicial officers

Alphabetical list:

The Honourable Justice Adams​

​28 Jul 1998Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Michael Adams QC


The Honourable ​Justice RI Barrett​​​​​​​​

​Sep 2018Banking and Financial Services Law Association, 35th Annual Conference, Queenstown " Trust me: Does trust property go where it should after insolvency?"
​Aug 2015Law Council of Australia, Business Law Section Corporations Workshop, After Dinner Speech
20 Apr ​2​015Farewell Ce​​remony for the Hon Justice R I Barrett upon the occasion of his retirement as a Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW
23 Jul 2014Book Launch - Nuncio D'Angelo, "Commercial Trusts"
30 Aug 2013Commentary on "Cross Border Insolvency - Judicial Assistance in the Post- Hoffmann Era
14 May 2013Book Launch - Everett and McCracken's Banking and Financial Institutions Law
22 Feb 2013Admission of Lawyers, Newcastle
11 Sep 2012Elder Law and Succession Committee - "Listen to the Judges" Series
19 Jul 2012Book Launch - Farid Assaff, "Statutory Demands and Winding Up in Insolvency"

15 Mar 2011

Judicial Views on Litigation Funding
13 Mar 2011Judicial Reflections on Insurance Insolvency
04 Apr 2010Sydney Law School Takeovers Panel Conference - Closing Remarks
26 Jul 2008Insolvency of Registered Managed Investment Schemes
23 Feb 2006The Principle in Re Hastings-Bass
24 Aug 2003The "Most Wrong" Equity Cases 1990 - 2003: Attorney General v Blake
07 Aug 2005Cross Border Insolvency - Aspects of the Unctral Model Law
19 Mar 2001Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Reginald Ian Barrett 

​​The Honourable Justice J Basten​

​05 Nov 2021
EPLA Conference: Year in Review – Cases in The Court of Appeal
​10 Nov 2020
The Richard Davies QC Memorial Lecture presented to the Personal Injury Bar Association, United Kingdom on 10 November 2020: "Loss of a Chance"
​20 Jun 2018
Newcastle Court of Appeal Sittings Opening Ceremony
​21 Jun 2017
NCAT Twilight Seminar – Section 36 of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013 (NSW) – The Guiding Principle 
​11 Mar 2017Personal Injury - Contributory Negligence. New South Wales Bar Associatation: Common Law Conference
​03 Mar 2016Australian Institute of Administrative Law - NSW Chapter Seminar:​ Judicial review in state jurisdiction
​04 Nov 2015​Western Australian Bar Association CPD Conference: Modern Judicial Review - An Overview
​24 Jul 2015
Constitutional Dimension of Statutory Interpretation - Constitutional Law Conference
​​13 Jun 2015​Reliability of Evidence - Judge or Jury? - A New South Wales View. Evidence Act 1995 (NSW) - 20th Anniversary Symposium
13 Feb ​2015
Constitutional Law in the Federal and State Courts in 2014: the Judiciary and the Legislature
​21 Aug 2014Book Launch - Rayner Thwaites "The Liberty of Non-citizens: Indefinite Detention in Commonwealth Countries"
​20 Jun 2013The Scope of Power: Determining the Limits - AGS Administrative Law Conference
​17 Apr 2013Judging Community Standards and Mores
​28 Mar 2012University of NSW, Lecture on Judicial Review
​25 Jan 2012Jurisdictional Error After Kirk: Has it a Future?
​2011The Supervisory Jurisdiction of Supreme Courts - ALJ article (2011) 85 ALJ 273
​19 Jul 2011Procedural Reform: The New Part 10 - A Paper on Representative Actions in the Supreme Court
​06 May 2011Judicial Review: Grounds, Standards & Intensity Of Review Or Who Is Miss Behavin?"
​27 Apr 2011Court of Appeal Review and Appeals in the District Court
​07 Oct 2010"Standards of Review" - An Australian Perspective
​11 May 2010International Influences on Domestic Law: Neither Jingoistic Exceptionalism nor Blind Servility
​07 May 2010Jurisdiction and Powers of Tribunals: A Question of Statutory Construction?
​09 Mar 2010Comment on Paper "Constitutional Issues and the Strength of Aboriginal Property Rights" by Sean Brennan
​31 Mar 2009Excellence in Government Decision-Making Course
​Sep 2008​​International Conventions and Administrative Law
​26 Jun 2008Administrative Law and Statutory Interpretation
​09 May 2008Judicial Review: Intensity of Scrutiny
​03 Apr 2008
The 2008 Sir Ninian Stephen Lecture
26 Mar 2008
Administrative Law - A Perspective from the Bench
​​15 Jun 2007Natural Justice: Is There Too Much, Too Little or Just the Right Amount?
26 May 2006
A Curious History of the Mabo Litigation
04 Nov 2005Court and Media Relationships
04 Nov 2005Judicial Conduct: Relationship with Government
​04 Nov 2005Judicial Attributes
​21 Jul 2005Comment on Paper by Professor Carol Harlow
​30 Jun 2005Limits on Procedural Fairness
​02 May 2005​Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable John Basten QC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Honourable Justice MJ Beazley AO​

​27 Feb 2019
Farewell Ceremony for The Honourable Justice Margaret Beazley AO as a Judge of The Supreme Court of New South Wales
​18 Oct 2018
​100 Years of Women in Law in NSW:
​15 Jun 2018
​'Honouring Jane Mathews' - Speech at Bar asssociation of New South Wales:
​19 May 2018
​"The Jurisprudence of the Court of Appeal: Colour and Movement” -  delivered at the College of Law Specialist Legal Conference
​18 Oct 2017
​Contemporary Issues in Public Law: Plus Ça Change, Plus C'est La Même Chose? - Clarence Chambers
​28 Sep 2017
​An Insight into Appellate Justice in New South Wales - Francis Forbes Lecture
​21 Sep 2017
Law in the Age of the Algorithm - State of the Profession Address, New South Wales Young Lawyers
​20 Sep 2017
​The Fundamentals of Insurance Law: Enduring Constants in the Winds of Change? - 2017 Geoff Masel Memorial Lecture
​11 Aug 2017
​Language - The Law's Essential Tool - Sir Ninian Stephen Lecture, University of Newcastle
​17 Jun 2017
Occasional Remarks: North & North West Community Legal Service Inc 21st Celebration - North & North West Community Legal Service Inc
​06 May 2017
The Continuing Role of Justices of the Peace in the NSW Community - NSW Justices Association Annual Conference
​19 Apr 2017
​Recurring Issues in the Court of Appeal - District Court of New South Wales Annual Conference
​07 Apr 2017
Prosecution of Corporate Executives - Emerging Trend or the Eternal Struggle - Inter-Pacific Bar Association Conference
​16 Mar 2017
Legalwise Advocacy & Evidence Conference - Keynote Address 
​07 Mar 2017Extended joint criminal enterprise in the wake of Jogee and Miller
​23 Feb 2017The rise of litigation funding and class actions and the duties owed by legal practitioners
​20 Feb 2017Ceremony for commencement of proceedings (Orange)
​15 Feb 2017

The Principle of Legality and the Protection of Human Rights in Australia – The Hon Barry O'Keefe Memorial Lecture, Australian Catholic University

​Feb 2017Admissions Speech 2017
​15 Nov 2016​Conflicts in Commercial Trusts
​27 Oct 2016

The Future With Blockchain - UNSW Continuing Legal Education Blockchain Forum​

​12 Oct 2016Judicial Review & The Shifting Sands of Legal Unreasonableness
​29 Sep 2016
​Keynote Address delivered at the Baker & McKenzie National Intervarsity Women’s Moot 
​10 Jun 2016​Catalyst for Change? Legal developments in a shifting society: Law Week 2016
​29 Mar 2016​Recurring issues in the Court of Appeal - District Court Annual Conference 2016
​17 Nov 2015​Future directions in workplace law - bursting the bubble?
​29 Oct 2015Communicating the law: self-represented litigants in the Court of Appeal
​05 Aug 2015Offers of Compromise: Following, bending and breaking the rules
23 May 2015
​Recent Judgments in Personal Injury and Litigation
11 May 2015Social Media and the Law
​28 Mar 2015Ap​p​​​ellate Advocacy
​23 Oct 2014​The Law Society of New South Wales Annual Members Dinner
​10 Oct 2014Uniformity and similarity? Tendency evidence under the Uniform Evidence Law
​05 Sep 2014Rule of law and national security concerns: whither human rights?
​27 Aug 2014The intersection of the Australian law and the Islamic faith: A selection of cases
​23 Apr 2014Recurring issues in the Court of Appeal
​03 Sep 2013A reflection on public law: From Federation to the Twenty-first century
​​24 May 2013The distinction between questions of fact and law: a question without answer?
​18 May 2013Social Media and the Courts: Service of Process
​27 Mar 2013Advocacy: A view from the bench
​26 Sep 2012Calderbank offers 2
​26 Mar 2010Natural Justice: New South Wales cases in a Commonwealth context
​14 Mar 2008Calderbank offers

The Honoura​ble Justice PA Bergin, Chief Judge in Equity​

20-22 Oct 2016Meeting challenges posed by modern international commercial litigation - Fifth Judicial Seminar on Commercial Litigation (Hong Kong)
​31 Jul 2​015
50 Years of Commercial Law: the Commercial Law Association of Australia Anniversary Conference
​20 Mar 2014The global trend in mediation; confidentiality; and mediation in complex commercial disputes. An Australian perspective (Mediation Conference, Hong Kong)
21 Jun 2013The new regime of practice in the Equity division of the Supreme Court of New South Wales
​19 Oct 2012The Right Balance Between Trial and Mediation: Visions, Experiences and Proposals
​11 May 2012The Objectives, Scope and Focus of Mediation Legislation in Australia
04 Apr 2012Elder Law in Australia, by Rodney Lewis; Launch, Parliament House, Sydney
06 May 2011The Expert's Lament
28 Apr 2011Judicial Mediation in Australia
​21 Mar 2011Cross Border Issues in Discovery Disclosure Orders and Search Orders
18 Feb 2011The Repentant Trustee
​08 Nov 2010A Question of Dignity
​25 Oct 2010New South Wales Young Lawyers' Association State of The Profession Address
​28 Aug 20102010 Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop
​25 Nov 2009Executors/Trustees and Mandatory Mediations
​03 Aug 2008Case Management
​30 Nov 2007Mediation in Hong Kong: the Way Forward Perspectives from Australia
​31 Mar 2007Litigation and Globalisation
​26 Oct 2005Presentation of Commercial Cases in the Supreme Court of New South Wales
​05 May 2004Methodology of the management of construction disputes in the Supreme Court of New South Wales
​26 Nov 2003Equity in Practice
​06 Nov 2003Commercial Causes Centenary Dinner
​26 Aug 2003Commercial Litigation: Tips for Success and Traps for the Unwary: A Judge's Perspective on Case Preparation
​26 Jul 2003A Judicial Perspective on what the Court expects from legal practitioners in equity and commercial litigation
​17 Apr 2003Conferral of Degrees Ceremony, Division of Law, Macquarie University
​22 Oct 2002National Judicial Orientation Programme - Time Management
​28 Nov 2000Interlocutory Procedures
​04 May 2000Women in Health Law
​12 Nov 1999Professional Legal Education in the Multi-Disciplinary Corporate Environment
​29 Oct 1999Women on Statutory Boards
​​01 Mar 1999Swearing in Ceremony of Patricia Anne Bergin, SC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW

The Honourable​​ Justice PJ Hidden, AM​

The Honourable Justice CRR Hoeben AM AFD, Chief Judge at Common Law

6 Dec 2021
Farewell Ceremony for the Honourable Justice Clifton Hoeben AM RFD as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales
16 Aug 2004Swearing-in Ceremony of the Honourable Clifton Ralph Russell Hoeben AM RFD SC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW

The Honourable Justice RA Hulme​ 

​16 Jun 2022
Tribute to the Honourable Justice Peter Anthony Johnson
​11 Apr 2022
2022 District Court Annual Conference Criminal Law Review
​7 Apr 2021
2021 District Court Annual Conference – Court of Criminal Appeal Round-up 2020
​14 Sep 2020
A Criminal Chronicle 2010-2020
​10 Sep 2020
2020 Annual Criminal Appeal Review
​14 Aug 2019
2019 Supreme Court Annual Conference – A Year of Criminal Appellate Decisions
​23 Apr 2019
​2019 District Court Annual Conference – Criminal Law Review
​30 Oct 2018
Address to the Mayoral Reception on 30 October 2018 for the sittings of the Supreme Court at Dubbo
​24 Aug 2018
2018 Supreme Court Annual Conference – Developments in Criminal Law
​24 Aug 2018
2018 Supreme Court Annual Conference – Notable Criminal Legislation of the Past Year
​May 2018
May 2018 Court of Appeal workshop of County Court, Victoria: Sentencing for Standard Non-parole Period Offences in NSW
​25 Aug 2017
2017 Supreme Court Annual Conference – Developments in Criminal Law
​02 Aug 2017
2017 Local Court Annual Conference – Criminal Law Update
​26 Aug 2016
​2016 Supreme Court Annual Conference – Developments in Criminal Law
​01 Jun 20162016 Local Court Annual Conference Criminal Law Update
​29 Mar 20162016 District Court Annual Conference - Smartening Up your Summing Up
​29 Mar 20162016 District Court Annual Conference - Court of Criminal Appeal Review
04 Sep 20152015 Supreme Court Annual Conference - Criminal Law Update
​01 Jul 20152015 Local Court Annual Conference - Criminal Law Update
​07 Apr 20152015 District Court Annual Conference - Court of Criminal Appeal Review
​01 Aug 20142014 Supreme Court Annual Conference - Developments in Criminal Law
​02 Jul 20142014 Local Court Annual Conference - Criminal Law Update
​31 Mar 20142014 District Court Annual Conference - Criminal Appeals Review
08 Mar 20142014 Law Society Young Lawyers Seminar - Significant Developments in Criminal Law
​07 Sep 20132013 Supreme Court Annual Conference - Criminal Law Update
​31 Jul 20132013 Local Courts Annual Conference - Criminal Law Update
​02 Apr 20132013 District Court Annual Conference - Criminal Appeals Review
​08 Sep 20122012 Supreme Court Annual Conference - Criminal Law Update
​01 Aug 20122012 Local Court Annual Conference - Criminal Law Update
​11 Apr 20122012 District Court Annual Conference -Criminal Appeals Review
​25 Feb 20122012 Law Society Young Lawyers Seminar - Criminal Law Update
​17 Sep 2011​2011 "Reasonable Cause" Charity Criminal Law Conference - Current Issues in Criminal Law
​20 Aug 20112011 Supreme Court Annual Conference - Criminal Law Update
​01 Jun 20112011 Local Court Annual Conference - Criminal Law Update
​05 Mar 20112011 Law Society Young Lawyers Seminar - Criminal Law Update
​21 Aug 20102010 Supreme Court Annual Conference - Criminal Law Update
​27 Nov 2009Presentation to the Judges of the County Court of Victoria -  Admissibility of Tendency and Coincidence under the uniformEvidence Act
​02 Mar 2009Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Robert Allan Hulme

The Honourable Justice PA Johnson​

​10 Mar 2020
Some Issues Arising from Terrorism Trials and Sentencing 
​18 Apr 2017Criminal Law Review – A paper for the District Court of New South Wales Annual Conference
​08 Apr 2014

​The Bail Act 2013 - An Overview and Some Issues Affecting the Supreme Court

​24 May 2013

​Criminal Law Review 2013

​25 Jul 2012
The Court Suppression and Non-publication Orders Act 2010:  One year on – some legal and practical issues
11 Feb 2012Consistency in Sentencing for Federal Offences - Challenges for Sentencing Courts in an Evolving Landscape
0​7 Sep 2011

Criminal Trial Case Management:  Why Bother? A joint paper by Justices  P Johnson and M F Latham - AIJA Criminal Justice in Australia and New Zealand - Issues and Challenges for Judicial Administration Conference

​06 Sep 2008

Controlling Unreasonable Cross-Examination

​Mar 2008
Claims for Possession of Land Following Mortgage Default – A Rising Tide
​01 Feb 2005Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Peter Anthony Johnson SC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Honourable Justice PD McClellan, AM

​08 Feb 2018
Swearing Out Ceremony of the Hon Justice Peter McClellan
​07 Feb 2018

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Speeches 2013-2017

06 Dec 2012Corruption: A Problem for the Public and Private Sector?
​03 Dec 2012A Matter of Fact: The Origins of the Court of Criminal Appeal
​10 Apr 2012Crown Prosecutor's Conference - Sentencing in the 21st Century
​29 Mar 2012Rule of Law Insitute of Australia - 2012 NSW Legal Studies Association Conference
​01 Dec 2011The Future Role of the Judge - Umpire, Manager, Mediator or Service Provider
​24 Nov 2011White Collar Crime: Perpetrators and Penalties
​22 Jul 2011Contamination of the Environment - Past Problems and Contemporary Responses
​05 Mar 2011Looking Inside the Jury Room
​19 Nov 2010The University of Western Sydney Law Alumni Dinner Occasional Address
​07 May 2010UNSW Graduation Ceremony Occasional Address
​15 Apr 2010Civil Justice Reform - What has it achieved?
​27 Mar 2010Changes in Civil Process - Toward a Phased Trial
​10 Dec 2009Environment Crime in Context: From Spcc V Caltex to Date *
​20 Nov 2009Seventh Annual Jury Research and Practice Conference Paper
​04 Nov 2009Eloquence and Reason - are juries appropriate for defamation trials?
​02 Oct 2009Admissibility of expert evidence under the Uniform Evidence Act
​29 Apr 2009A Discussion on Property Rights
​26 Mar 2009Litigation - Some Contemporary Issues
​25 Oct 2008The Australian Justice system in 2020
​17 Sep 2008Dispute Resolution in the 21st Century Mediate Or Litigate?
​07 Jun 2008Two Contemporary Challenges: The Role of Deterrence In Sentencing and the Effective Use of Experts
​Apr 2008Some Benefits of Mediation
​Apr 2008ADR - An Introduction
​25 Mar 2008Juries - Common Sense and the Truth
​29 Nov 2007Concurrent Expert Evidence
​20 Jul 2007Contemporary Challenges for the Justice System - Expert Evidence
​16 Apr 2007The New Rules
​04 Nov 2006Australian Administrative Law
​2006Terrorism and the law
​20 Oct 2006Expert Evidence - Aces up Your Sleeve?
​17 Aug 2006Australian Institute of Urban Studies Sydney's Water Supply - A Reality Check: Is There a Need for a Public Inquiry?
​02 Aug 2006Who is telling the truth? Psychology, common sense and the law
​19 May 2006The University of Sydney Graduation Ceremony 
​12 May 20062006 Economics & Business Educators Legal Studies Students Professional Development Conference: Law, Justice and Society
​24 Nov 2005Courts in the 21st Century - Should We Do Things Differently?   
​12 Sep 2005Access to Justice in Environmental Law - An Australian Perspective
​02 Sep 2005Judicial Conduct: Still a Live Issue, Some Thoughts On the Paper by Professor Peter A Sallman
​30 Jan 2001Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Peter David McClellan QC  

The Honourable Justice RS McColl AO

​04 Dec 2018
Farewell Ceremony for the Hon Justice Ruth McColl upon the Occasion of Her Retirement as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales
​18 Aug 2017
Words, Words, Words!  What Did You Mean: Contractual Interpretation and the Reasonable Business Person - Address to the Commercial Law Association of Australia 
​​05 Mar 2016​How Common is the Common Law and Other Miscellany? - Keynote Address - NSW Bar Association Common Law Conference​​
​​30 Apr 2015Sydney University Conferring of Law Degrees - Occasional Address
17 Oct 2014Women in Law Awards
​08 Mar 2014Privacy, Business and the Digital Era
​27 Feb 2014Celebrating Women in the Judiciary
​15 Sep 2010Freedom of Information - A New Paradigm
​30 Sep 2009An Australian Perspective on Privacy Law Developments
​17 Feb 2009What About Me? Your Pets and Your Will
​18 Sep 2008The Current State of the Profession
​22 Feb 2008Civil litigation in crisis: what crisis
​03 May 2006Women in the Law - Address to the Anglo-Australasian Society of Lawyers  
​20 Feb 2004Unfinished Matters: The Federal and State Supreme Courts on Constitutional Law: The 2003 Term
​28 Nov 2003Women Lawyers in 2003 - A View from the Top
​19 Sep 2003IT in The Courtroom from Both Sides of the Bench - The Transformation of Justice
​29 Apr 2003Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Ruth Stephanie McColl SC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and a Judge of Appeal

The Honourable Justice RC McDougall

​07 Dec 2018
Informal Farewell Ceremony for the Honourable Justice Robert Calder McDougall as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales
​03 Nov 2018

​Recognition of Foreign Insolvency Proceedings – An Australian Perspective - Paper prepared for the 31st LAWASIA Conference, Siem Reap, Cambodia

​18 May 2018
​The Interpretation of Commercial Contracts - Hunting for the Intention of the Parties - College of Law Specialist Legal Conference, Sydney
​20 Sep 2017
​Aspects of Evidentiary Privileges in Australia - Law Asia Conference Tokyo, Japan
​25 Nov 2016Arbitration: past, present and future - Opening address to the RAIF Conference, Sydney
​02 Nov 2016​The utility of expert evidence in dispute resolution - Resolution Institute, Sydney
​30 Sep 2016The importance of private international law in Australia - Haque Conference on Private International Law at Parliament House
​21 Oct 2016Challenges in the age of Cyberspace - Fifth Judicial Seminar on Commercial Litigation (Hong Kong)
​19 Aug 2016​Revisiting the penalties doctrine: Paciocco v ANZ - Commercial Law Association Conference
​12 Mar 2016Penalties in Commercial Contracts since Andrews v ANZ - Keynote address for the Annual One Day CLE Seminar: Business Law
​​27-29 Jan 2016​Designing the Courtroom of the Future - International Conference on Court Excellence, Singapore
07 Sep 2015Courts and ADR: A Symbiotic Relationship - LEADR & IAMA Conference
​26 Jun 2015Construction of Contracts: The High Court's Approach - Commercial Law Association Judges' Series
​30 Oct 2014Section 54(1) of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth)
​13 May 2014Natural Justice and the Building and Construction Industry Security for Payments Act 1999 (NSW)
​28 Feb 2014Remedies in Commercial Litigation
​02 Aug 2013The Uses and Abuses of Technology in the Courtroom
​09 Mar 2012Remedies in Commercial Litigation
​29 Oct 2011Overview of the Evidence Act
​06 Aug 2011Australian and New Zealand Case Law Update - Australia
​13 Mar 2010Keynote Address to the NSW Young Lawyers Civil Litigation Seminar
​13 Nov 2009Some thoughts on calling expert evidence
​11 Sep 2009An examination of the role and content of natural justice in adjudications under construction industry payment legislation
​07 Apr 2009​Paper presented to the 16th Commonwealth Law Conference in Hong Kong, April 2009
​18 Oct 2008The Privilege Against Self-incrimination: a time for reassessment
​16 Sep 2007The Baby or the Bathwater? Terrorism, Responses and the Role of the Courts  
​22 Jun 2007The Evolving Principles Governing Client Legal Privilege
​10 Jul 2006Proportionate Liability in Construction Litigation
​27 May 2006Prohibition on Contracting Out of the Building And Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW)
​21 Feb 2006The Implied Duty of Good Faith in Australian Contract Law
​31 Aug 2005The Court View of Security of Payment Legislation in Operation
​May 2005Developments in Building and Construction Law
​13 Feb 2004Expert Evidence
​21 Aug 2003Swearing in Ceremony of The Honourable Robert Calder McDougall as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Honourable Justice MA Pembroke ​

29 Jun 2010Cross Examination of Experts
​12 Apr 2010Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honourable Michael Andrew Pembroke SC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

The H​onourable Justice CC Simpson​​​

​27 Mar 2018
Farewell Ceremony for the Hon Justice Carolyn Simpson upon the Occasion of Her Retirement as a Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW
01 Feb 1994Swearing in Ceremony of the Honourable Carolyn Chalmers Simpson QC

The Honourable J J Spigelman AC, Chief Justice of NSW​ 

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The Honourable T F Bathurst AC, Chief Justice of NSW​

​28 Feb
Farewell Ceremony for the Hon Chief Justice Bathurst AC
> Link to Video of Ceremony
​25 Feb
Farewell Ceremony for the Hon Justice Lucy McCallum
> Link to Video of Ceremony
​06 Dec
Farewell Ceremony for the Hon Justice Clifton Hoeben AM RFD
> Link to Video of Ceremony
​09 Nov
21st Century Legal Practice: International and Domestic – Chief Justices Past and Present Dispute Resolution Lecture Series 
03 Nov
Modern and Future Judging - Sir Maurice Byers Lecture 2021
05 Oct
Commercial Trusts and the Liability of Beneficiaries: Are Commercial Trusts a Satisfactory Vehicle to be used in Modern Day Commerce? 2021 Harold Ford Memorial Lecture
​22 Sep
A History of Sentencing Law since Francis Forbes, 1823
31 Jul
Persuasive Criminal Advocacy
​17 Jun
Opening Remarks: UNSW Evening with a Justice 
0​5 May
Introductory Remarks: Murder at Myall Creek Lecture
06 Apr
Challenges to the Rule of Law in Modern Society
​24 Feb
Newcastle Admission Ceremony Speech
2021 Admission Ceremony Speech
10 Feb
Remarks: Opening of Law Term Jewish Service
03 Feb
Trust in the Judiciary – Opening of Law Term Dinner
Remarks: Australian Disputes Centre 35th Anniversary of Mediation Training Program
​12 Oct
Welcome Address:  ACICA and CIArb International Arbitration Conference 2020
​08 Oct
The History of Defamation Law: Unjumbling a Tangled Web
2020 Admission Ceremony Speech
​28 Mar
Don’t Be Court Out: The Basics Of Court Etiquette​
​26 Feb
College of Law Judges’ Series: Lawyer-Client Privilege
​12 Feb
Remarks: Opening of Law Term Jewish Service 
​05 Feb
Law as a Reflection of the ‘Moral Conscience’ of Society - Opening of Law Term Dinner

​28 Nov
Hammerschlag’s Commercial Court Handbook – Book Launch
​27 Nov
Contract Law in Japan and ASEAN Consumer Law – Book Launch
​29 Oct
Does the Modern Corporation Have a Future? – Supreme Court Annual Corporate Law Conference 2019
​29 Oct
​Remarks: 50th Anniversary of the Council of Law Reporting for New South Wales
​16 Oct
'Something More, Something Less':  The Contemporary Meaning of Open Justice – Communications and Media Law Association
​19 Sep
​‘A tough nut to crack’: The History of the Legal Profession in New South Wales
​14 Sep
​Death and Taxes: The Policy Objectives of Succession Law – Sir Anthony Mason Oration 2019
​05 Sep
Heydon on Contract – Book Launch
08 Aug​
Demystifying Judicial Commissions – Federal Circuit Court of Australia Plenary 2019
​10 Jul
The Future Direction of Anti-Corruption Commissions: An Australian Legal Perspective – International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law Annual Conference 2019
​27 Jun
Ethical Legal Practice and Professional Conduct – Book Launch
​07 Jun
University of Sydney Law Graduation Ceremony – Occasional Address
​23 May
‘Easier for a Camel to Pass Through the Eye of a Needle’: The Lessons for Australia from Brexit – Michael O’Dea Oration 2019
​16 Apr
Defining the Public Interest: Where Lawyers Fear to Tread? – Public Interest Symposium 2019
​10 Apr
​Remarks: Law Society of New South Wales FLIP Stream Seminar
​05 Apr
​The Place of Religious Law in a Pluralist Society – Aloysian Law Lunch 2019
​22 Mar
​Not a Master, But a Teacher: The Role of the Judicial Commission of New South Wales – Law Council of Australia Directors’ Dinner
​16 Mar
Is Discretion the Better Part of Sentencing? – Public Defenders’ Criminal Law Conference 2019
​27 Feb
Farewell Ceremony for the Hon Justice Margaret Beazley AO
​14 Feb 
The Mysteries of Judicial Power: Defining the Relationship between Law and Power in the Modern State – 2019 George Winterton Memorial Lecture
​06 Feb
Remarks: Opening of Law Term Jewish Service​
​30 Jan
Who Judges the Judges, and How Should They Be Judged? – Opening of Law Term Dinner
2019 Admission Ceremony Speech

​16 Nov
The Role of the Commercial Bar in the Mid-21st Century – Keynote Address at the 2018 Australian Bar Association National Conference​
​12 Nov
​Remembrance Day Ceremony: Commemorating the sacrifice and service of the NSW legal profession in the First World War
​30 Oct 
​Address to NSW Legislative Drafters on the Principle of Legality
​18 Oct
The History of the Law of Commercial Arbitration
​20 Sep
​ADR, ODR and AI-DR, or do we even need courts anymore? - Inaugural Supreme Court ADR Address
​17 Sep
Justice on Shoestring: How do we make the legal dollar for further? - Inaugural Bill Grant Access to Justice Oration
​07 Sep 
Writing Better Judgments: Speech delivered at the Council of Australasian Tribunals NSW Annual Conference​
​23 Aug
Address at the Closing Ceremony of the International Law Association Biennial Conference
​21 Aug
The Courts and Integrity Bodies: Constitutional Conundrums – Paper presented at the Symposium on Australia’s National Integrity Institutions: Strengths, Weaknesses, Options 
​11 Aug
Perspectives on ADR and Future Trends – Address to the 2018 ADR Masterclass on Making ADR Work in a #FakeNews World
​04 Jul
The Role of the Courts: Address to the ACICA Symposium on Underwriting Cross-Border Contracts – The significance of the New York Convention 60 years on​
​26 Jun
​Directors’ and Officers’ Duties in the Age of Regulation: Address at the Conference in Honour of Professor Robert Baxt AO
​29 May
Affinity Iftar Keynote Address: Trust in the Judiciary
​16 May
Reception for Lysicrates Prize Foundation
​18 Apr
Closing Keynote Address at the 24th International Council for Commercial Arbitration Congress: Evolution and Adaptation, The Future of International Arbitration
​27 Mar
Farewell Ceremony for the Hon Justice Carolyn Simpson
​08 Feb
Farewell Ceremony for the Hon Justice Peter McClellan AM
​07 Feb
Remarks: Opening of Law Term Jewish Service
​31 Jan
The Place of Lawyers in Politics - Opening of Law Term Dinner
2018 Admission Ceremony Speech

​25 Nov
​Keynote Address, Indian National Bar Association Annual Conference – A Comparative Perspective on Privacy Law: The Australian Experience
​26 Oct
New tricks for old dogs: the limits of judicial review of integrity bonds - The James Spigelman Oration 2017
​18 Oct
The History of Criminal Law
​11 Oct
Welcome Address: 30th Anniversary of the Judicial Commission Reception
​28 Jun
Launch of the Electronic State Reports (New South Wales)
​03 Apr​Writing Judgments with the Parties in Mind : NJCA “Writing Better Judgments” Program Keynote Address​
​30 Mar​​Off with the wig: Issues that arise for advocates when switching from the courtroom to the negotiating table
​​25 ​MarOn to Strasbourg or back to Temple?: The future of European law in Australia post-Brexit
​01 Feb​Doing Right By "All Manner of People": Building a More Inclusive Legal System - Opening of Law Term Dinner
2017 Admission Ceremony Speech
​25 NovKeynote Address, Inaugural Sir James Martin Oration
​22 NovOpening Address, 4th International Arbitration Conference​​
​21 Nov​​The benefits of courts such as Singapore International Commercial Court
​11 NovLaunch of the NSW Branch of the Hellenic Australia Lawyers Association
​09 NovThe History of Contract Law
​21 OctPrying Open the Court Doors: Meeting the Challenges of International Commercial Litigation in Australia
​14 SepPacific Judicial Conference, Papua New Guinea - ​​Specialised Courts/Court Tracks - The Way to Go?
​20162016 Admission Ceremony Speech
​19 JulThe impact of the First World War on the NSW Judiciary​​
​21 JunTweeters, Posters and Grammers Beware: Discovery and Social Media Evidence
​04 JunCosts in Representative Proceedings, Costs Budgeting and Fixed Costs Schemes
​03 JunOpening Address: Future of Law Reporting in Australia Forum
​25 MayIntroductory Remarks, GC1000 Meet the Regulators
​02 MayLaunch of the Special Edition of the Australian Tax Review in Recognition of the Hon RF Edmonds SC
​19 AprAccess to Justice in Regional New South Wales, Newcastle Business Club
11 AprJudicial Responses to Domestic Violence
​31 Mar​Book Launch: Insurance Contracts Act Handbook, 9th Edition
​21 MarStatutory Commissions, Compulsory Examinations and Common Law Rights
​08 MarBook Launch: Adjudication on the Gold Fields in NSW and Victoria in the 19th Century
​05 MarThree Contemporary Issues in Civil Litigation: Expert Evidence, Discovery and Alternative Dispute Resolution
​02 Mar​Illegally or Improperly Obtained Evidence: In Defence of Australia's Discretionary Approach
​10 Feb​​Remarks: Opening of Law Term Shabbat Dinner
​04 FebOpening of law term address: 'The Nature of the Profession: The State of the Law'​

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​18 DecContracts in Commercial Law Conference: 'Getting your sold soul back: the limitations and justifications of waiver'
​29 Oct​​College of Law Judge's Series: Lawyer/Client Privilege
​27 OctHistory of Equity - delivered at the Forbes Legal History Tutorial
​31 Jul50 years of Commercial Law
​09 JuliAdvocate v Rumpole: Who will survive? An analysis of advocates' ongoing relevance in the age of technology
​13 Jun​"Counting Ceorls and Eorls" - 20th Anniversary of the Evidence Act​​
​06 May​"Buttered Parsnips and a Damp Squib"
​20 AprSwearing Out Ceremony of the Hon Justice Reginald Barrett
​Feb2015 ​Admission Ceremony Speech
​18 FebAfter the Civil Procedure Act - 10 Year Anniversary of the Civil Procedure Act
​02 FebOpening of Law Term Dinner Address 2015


​14 NovDuties to the Court, Duties of the Court - Law Society Planning Conference
​13 NovAccessing justice and dispensing it justly: some assorted thoughts - Salvos Legal Lecture Series
​08 NovAccessing justice and dispensing it justly: some assorted thoughts - Salvos Legal Lecture Series
​30 OctCommunity Awareness of the Judiciary Program - Opening Remarks
​05 Oct27th LAWASIA Conference - Environmental/Judicial Session
​03 SepThe History of Insolvency Law
​21 AugPanel discussion: privilege, confidentiality and privacy in the ADR forum
16 JulRamadan Iftar Dinner
18 Jun

A different judicial perspective on discovery - 8th Information Governance and ediscovery summit

22 May

The Bail Act 2013: Selected Scenarios - DVD Launch

07 Apr

Key Issues in Judicial Review - Book Launch

04 Apr

Justice in Arms: Military Lawyers in the Australian Army's First Hundred Years - Book Launch

29 MarDuties of Bar and Bench: Some Reflections on Case Management and Judicial Bias
03 MarNewcastle University address: The trials and tribulations of being a lawyer
21 FebLawAsia Opening Address
13 FebWinterton's Australian Federal Constitutional Law - Book Launch

2014 Admission Ceremony speech

03 Feb


Opening of Law Term Dinner Address 2014


15 NovADT Members' Conference - Opening Remarks
08 NovUniversity of Western Sydney Law School Alumni Association - Annual Dinner Occasional Address
28 OctThe Importance of Developing Convergent Commercial Law Systems, Procedurally and Substantively
12 OctToongabbie Legal Centre Annual Fundraising Dinner
11 OctSeparation of Powers: Reality or Desirable Fiction - JCA Colloquium
19 SepInsurance Law - A View From the Bench
03 SepThe Historical Development of Corporations Law
​31 AugIt Tolls for Thee: Accessorial Liability After Bell v Westpac
12 JulLPAB Diploma in Law Graduation - Occassional Address (University of Sydney)
08 May Insolvency Practitioner's Association of Australia - National Conference
06 MayAviation Law Conference
16 AprLawyers and Commercialism: Help or Hindrance?
20132013 Admission Ceremony speech
13 MarThe Importance of Public Service - Affinity Intercultural Foundation Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony
28 FebSuperannuation Lawyers Conference Opening Remarks
29 JanOpening of Law Term Dinner Address 2013


03 DecFormal Ceremony in Honour of the Re-opening of Banco Court and 100 Year Anniversary of the Court of Criminal Appeal
21 NovSocial Media: the End of CIvilization? - Warrane Lecture, UNSW
15 NovLegal Education - Does It Make Good Lawyers
24 OctFederalism and the National Legal Profession Reforms
13 OctDirector's, Trustee and Fiduciary Duties in the Context of Domestic Corporate Arrangements - Annual Family Law Conference
10 OctCommunity Awareness of the Judiciary Program
01 AugBeyond the Stocks - A Community Approach to Crime
26 JulJustice for Hire: Have Gavel, Will Travel (Or, Arbitrators and the Judicial Duty)
21 AprCommercialisation of Legal Practice
24 MarThe Legal Profession and the Defence Forces: Historical Connections
14 MarCommonwealth Secretariat Pacific Judges Regional Forum
29 FebThe Australian Arbitration Option - Forum Mumbai and New Delhi
10 FebAddress to Law Shabbat Dinner
20122012 Admission Ceremony speech
30 Jan
Opening of Law Term Dinner Address 2012


01 DecAddress to the University of NSW Law 40th Anniversary Conference
29 NovInterpretation of Contracts in Australia - Book Launch
16 NovAddress to the City of Sydney Law Society Annual Dinner
27 OctAddress to the University of NSW Law School Book Celebration
19 OctAddress to Sydney Law School Foundation Reception
06 Oct2011 Australasian Court Administrators Conference - Opening Address
21 SepAddress to the Continuing Professional Development Seminar
10 SepExchanging Ideas Conference - Welcome Address
09 SepAddress to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce
23 AugAnnual Corporate Law Conference - Welcome Address
20 AugAnnual Supreme Court Judges' Conference - Opening Address
13 AugAdvanced Altenative Dispute Resolution Workshop - Opening Address
09 AugSpeech on the Retirement of the Hon David Hodgson AO
01 JunSwearing In Ceremony of the Honourable TF Bathurst QC